Thursday, June 9, 2011

Welcome To the Family

Since I've started blogging again and have gained several new readers(Hi! And Welcome!) I thought that I'd post a reintroduction of our little family. Feel free to ask any questions as I'm limited on time today.

First is Olivia, AKA Sister. You'll hear me refer to as Lulu or Lucy most of the time. Luc is 6.5 and just finished the first grade and is a reading WHIZ! She's a fantastic oldest child and dreams of one day becoming an Animal Rescuer. She recently lost her first tooth. It was such a big night in our house. Lulu and I both cried happy tears and I cried a few(ONLY A FEW) sad tears. I can't believe she's growing up so fast. I've always thought I'd like it as she got older because she's such a good helper to me, but now that she's actually getting older I want to freeze her in time so she'll always be my baby girl!

Next comes Emma Claire, AKA KK. Emma Claire is 4.5 and is the single most hysterical child you'll ever meet. She's VERY smart but lacks common sense which makes her a hoot to be around. She dreams of a day when she can eat whatever she wants whenever she wants. She has plans to become a "McDonalds Worker" someday. You can ask KK anything about the Bible and she can answer it.  She's amazingly beautiful and loves to sing really loud. KK is a typical middle child and always wants to do everything her older sister does. Emma Claire had a rough first start in life, but she's very strong and brave.

Then there's Addison Faith AKA Addi. You may hear me call Addison Fae. Most of the time she's Addi Fae to me. Fae will be three on the fourth of July! She's a little firecracker, that's for sure! Addi is the fair maiden in our house. She's sweet and darling and I could just sop her up with a biscuit. Sweet and SASSY. She can be sneaky and mean, but I'm hoping this is just a phase!!AND, this child could talk the bark off of trees. She NEVER stops talking. She's very articulate for her age and is as sharp as a tack. She knows how to get what she wants. I picture Addison being a mommy some day and if you were to ask her that's probably what she'd say too. She's often found "nursing" her babies and singing to Amelia. She's my blue eye baby girl!

Next is Isaiah. AKA, Brub, Brubby, Brubsy, Bubba, and just about any other variation of brother you can come up with. Isaiah is 16 months old. The only boy in the mix, Zaiah is our rough and tumble dig in the dirt child. He plows over his sisters and yells and throws things. We're working on the meaning of gentle right now. He LOVES his sisters though and is always trying to be right there with them wherever they go. He makes me laugh and I want him to always be a baby. He's so squishy and lovey. Isaiah was born with a condition called Congenital Esotropia, but had corrective surgery at 7 months. I can see him being a politician some day. He has a winning smile and great personality.

Last for now is Amelia Joy. AKA Mimi, Mia, and Minnie. Amelia is 5 weeks old. Mia is our first child born full term and was birthed at home with a midwife. It was a wonderful experience and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. She's been a sweet cuddle bug so far and I can't wait to see where she fits in to things as far as her brother and sisters go. Isaiah is very protective of her, so I'm thinking she's going to just adore him.

I guess I better include the MM and me. I'm married to the love of my life, my darling, Scotty Smittle. I most often call him MM or the manly man. He is strong, faithful, kind, caring, tender, loving, and HOT! He's a hard worker and a fantastic father. He works as a behavior therapist for UAMS KIDS First. He's also involved in the Arkansas Association for Infant Mental Health(I probably got that wrong), and a new program coming to Arkansas called Court Teams. Scotty also teaches psychology classes for a degree completion program called PACE at our Alma Mater, Central Baptist College.  He loves me even though I'm crazy and tired most of the time and he tells me he'd take care of me if I was ever mauled and disfigured...
I just recently turned 30, but have felt old since about the time that our third child came along. I love to sing and create things. I'm an organizing junkie and a perfectionist. Some day, when all my kids are grown and gone, I'd love to move to Africa and take care of little African orphans. I have a heart for raising our children to love God and love each other. I'm loud, rarely wear make-up, and like to wear long dresses so I don't have to shave my 90 foot long legs everyday.

I hope you'll enjoy your time here!

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  1. OK I BUSTED out laughing at the statement that Scotty "tells me he'd take care of me if I was ever mauled and disfigured..." OK I'm still's a sweet sentiment though :)