Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Leslie's Little Smittles:A Slice of Our World

I've decided to do a new series of posts called "A Slice of Our World." I've struggled to find time to come up with ideas, write, and post to the blog since Eli, but with a little direction I think it will be a lot easier. SO, I've decided to open it up to my readers. There are so many of you who ask me questions about how we do things, so this is your chance to get your questions in. You can ask ANYTHING. Now, I do have the right not to answer, but it's likely I will. You can also ask for pictures of things you'd like to see(Like my backyard. Not my backside! HAHA!). I once did a series where a friend asked to see a picture of my junk drawer. Another asked to see a pic of me first thing in the morning. SO, you get the picture. Now it's up to you! Either leave a comment here or post a comment to my Facebook to get your voice heard!

Play On, Livi!

Olivia started taking piano lessons this past fall. She has really done well and proven to be really musically inclined. Last night was her end of the year recital. So proud of her!!

Here she is with her sweet teacher, Tori.

I love this one.

Of course Nana and Pop(and Gigi) came for the recital.
I think Olivia likes them JUST a little!

Momma and Daddy with Lulu!
Waiting to start.
I can't believe she'll turn NINE this year!! She's the world's sweetest child!

Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm Glad We're Family!

Being a family
 means that you
 are part of something
truly wonderful!
It means you
will LOVE
and be LOVED
for the rest

of your life
no mater what!

It means you
will LAUGH
and CRY

and LEARN 
Your Family
will be with you
wherever you go! 
Your family
will play games with you
explore the unknown
dance to your song

eat your food
and love your babies!
Family is familiar
like your favorite sweater.
Family is FOREVER!
 This past weekend we had a family reunion with my Granny's family. It had been a REALLY long time since we had all been together, so it was good to see everyone and sit and visit and let all the kids play. It was a really rainy muddy day, so I dressed the kids in play clothes and rain boots and let them free in the pollen-filled humid fresh air. They had a blast. It's pretty hard to keep up with all of them in a big open place like this, so I found myself counting to 6 over and over all day trying to be sure one of them hadn't escaped! So thankful for the family we have, and that we got to spend time with them. Hope you enjoy the pictures!
It was also my mom's birthday, so we went by and got her favorite cupcake at our local bakery.
Happy Birthday, Mom!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Love the Ones You're With

There will come a time(soon, I hope!) when I'll be able to really post again, but for now I'll just post a few pics and stories. Enjoy!

Love this! Eli, like all the other kids LOVES getting his tummy tickled by Manly's head. He was laughing in this picture. He's starting to be so much fun!

This is terrible of me, but Eli had just had a bath and I wanted to show off his bright red HAIR! Wowzah!
 Last Sunday we were able to be a part of the baby dedication service at our church. It was such a sweet day as we stood together (YES, all EIGHT of us!) on the same stage we had stood together on to dedicate our first child to the Lord. I'm so thankful that the Lord brought us back home to First Baptist. We've been loved to pieces there! We've been part of some wonderful churches, but this just feels like "home away from home" to us!

This is my parents. They came to be part of the special day. My camera ate several pictures this day, so this is the only one of them that turned out. My Granny was there too, as well as several other family members. My parents have given each of the kids a special gift on their dedication day that they can keep for life. All the girls have special cross necklaces. They got each of the boys a beautiful pocket watch. Such a thoughtful way to celebrate such a special day.

I HATE this picture of me! I look like a grandma or something with those glasses on(note to self). BUT, it's the best one of our family.

KK had a special night at AWANA this past week. These are a few pictures from that.
Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!?
It's not very often that she's the only one to get to do something special, so I tried to make it really nice for her. Lipstick and blush were a MUST!

AND, one of Me and my Mia. Love this monkey loving girl. Have I mentioned she thinks there is a monkey living across the street?! Yeah, she'll look out the window and exclaim, "LOOOOOK! MONKEY!!! MONKEY!!!!! LOOOOOOOOK! SEEE??????" Hysterical! I have NO idea what she's seeing. Obviously, it's not a monkey...