Friday, October 29, 2010

What's in a name?

So, with another Little Smittle on the way we have the tough task of naming him or her. So far all of our children have vowel names, so we've decided to stick with that.
With that being said, we are working hard on trying to find names that we both agree on that go with our other kids names. We like to have both a boy and girl name picked before the gender ultrasound so that we can start to identify with the baby as a he or she and let the kids start to call the baby by name. Well, the ultrasound is in about 4 weeks, so it's getting close!
Names on the current list include:
Eli(this is our number 1 boy name)
Amelia(Probably our number one girl name)

For middle names we have several for both, but until we pick a first name I don't want to bother with writing them all out.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I wanna be a...

Olivia has always been sure of what she wants to be when she grows up. For as long as she's been able to communicate she's been saying she wants to be an animal rescuer artist. This job has a very specific job description, not limited, but including: Finding a hurt animal(or someone bringing her a hurt animal), fixing it up and making it feel better, drawing a picture of it, lastly, taking it back to where it belongs. Now, I know that she might change her mind. For now, though, I want to try and find things that she's interested in to study and learn about. She recently had career night at AWANA'S and this is what she looked like. Boy, I love this girl!

On the same night she dressed like this for AWANA'S I asked Emma Claire what she wanted to be. After thinking for a few seconds her eyes got REALLY big..."A...Mc...DONALDS GIRL!!" She shouted out! "I wanna be a McDonalds girl and give people all the food that they order! I love that job!" First of all, how in the world do I dress her like a "McDonalds Girl" and secondly, seriously?! Now, I'm not one to snub my nose at work of any kind. I say, do what you love and do it well. Well, my KK girl LOVES food, so...I guess I should be supportive and just PRAY that she changes her mind and sets her goals a LITTLE higher some day.Maybe a sous chef or something!=) Love that sweet loopy girl too! She's made from a different mold, but that's what makes her so cool!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Say WHAT?!

Today, we were driving by a local University and I saw a group of guys wearing only tiny black shorts. I couldn't help but yelp,"Yikes! Naked BOYS!"
Of course my dear girls all turned their heads to see, Emma Claire said, "WHERE!? OH! I SEE THEM!" Then quickly started to sing the following song:
Naked Boys oh Naked Boys!
How I LOVE those Naked BOYS!
I just LOVE those NAKED BOYS!
Naked Boys oh Naked Boys!!
I've decided I'm never going to drive by there again...I know it's terrible, but I did, indeed, laugh out loud at her obscene song!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some Day I'm Gonna Go To...

At dinner last night I asked the kids if they could go anywhere in the world where they would want to go for a vacation. Below you'll see their answers.

I would want to go to the jungle in Africa so I could see all the wild animals. I want to see the hippos, the tigers, and the elephants. Maybe then I could get a baby elephant for a pet like the boy in Swiss Family Robinson.
Emma Claire:
I would want to go to...CHINA! Then I could see all the kung fu stuff!

I want toooooo gooooooo tooooo...NANA'S HOUSE!! I want to play ALL AROUND there!
That girl has been in love with her Nana since the day she was born! I love that the girls are all so different. They each have their own interests and likes. Olivia is the intellectual, Emma Claire is the fun-loving life of the party, Addison is the sweet princess. I can't wait to see what all the kids end up doing one day. I KNOW it will be interesting!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Smart Girl Says the "S" Word

Addison has dog gone gone and done it this time. She's started saying the terrible horrible no good dirty bad "S" word in common language. NO, not that word! Addi, my sweet loving, dear Addi, has started saying stupid. It makes me so sad, because, let just come clean, I have found myself saying that word in the past, but never thought it was a common word around our house. I'm not sure if she heard me or someone else say it, but she sure didn't hear it from the sisters, because they are wise enough to know that "dirty" words get cleaned right up in this house. They NEVER say any "dirty" words because they don't want a mouth full of soap. Olivia, when she was probably 19 months old or so said "butt" and we didn't want her to say that. We didn't say it around her, but most adults say this word. ONCE with the soap in the mouth and to this day that child has NEVER said anything else that she knows she shouldn't. Emma Claire was a bit tougher, but she too has learned the lesson that dirty mouths get CLEANED in this house. Poor Addi still hasn't gotten the picture. Usually I hear that she's said the word second hand from the tattle queens, so discipline is harder because you never know if it's actually true or if she said something that sounded like the word. ANYWAY, today she was getting ready to go pee before nap and she said, "I gotta get this stupid skirt off so I can go potty!" I was so sad! It nearly broke my heart to hear my baby girl say that! I walked right up to her with my bar of Dove White and said, "Addi. You know that's not a nice word. Dirty mouths have to get cleaned up!" She was so mad, and said she didn't like me when I had soap, but who knows if it'll work this time. I sure hope so, because I just don't want a child of mine going around with a dirty mouth!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just a Smittle Conversation

Olivia: "I want to be Bo Peep for Halloween, but I can't find a costume in this Party City magazine. Maybe I'll just be one of these girls that cleans."

Me: "NO! Those are the costumes for teenagers whose parents don't take good care of them. I'm sure we can find a Bo Peep for you."

Olivia: "If I'm Bo Peep what will the other kids be?"

Me: "They could be your little lost sheep!"

Olivia: "YEAH! Girls, you wanna be my sheep!?"

Addison and Emma Claire in UNISON: "NO!"

Emma Claire: "WELLLLLL...OK. I'll do it!"

Addison: "NO! I'm not being a seep! I'm bein' a pin-sess!"

Olivia: "You could be a princess sheep, Addi!"

Me: "YEAH, Addi!!!"

Addison: "I don't think so...cause I'm just a reg-lee-er pin-sess!!"

Gotta love a girl who knows what she wants!=)
Thanks, Becke' at Lulu Photography for capturing my "reg-lee-er pin-sess!"
 How I love her so!

Horses Horses EVERYWHERE!!

So, Olivia always sings this crazy song she made up that goes: "Horses Horses EVERYWHERE! Horses Horses IN THE AIR!!" She sings it over and over again and has her sisters singing it too. Sometimes I'll even get it stuck in my head and find myself singing it!=)
Anyway, her party was this past weekend and we had HORSES HORSES EVERYWHERE! Real ones! It was the best party EVER. Everyone had a great time and the horses were a hit! Here is the evidence.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Just the Sound of Happiness

So, today we'd finished school and I was downstairs changing out the laundry and dishwasher. The girls were upstairs and Isaiah was taking a cat nap before lunch. After it had been quiet for quite some time I walked to the edge of the stairs to listen a little closer. That's when I heard it. The sweet sweet sound of happiness. Olivia had taken a seat in the reading nook and gathered her sisters around her and was reading. She sat there reading aloud to them for a good 30 minutes. I almost didn't want to walk away as I heard her telling the story of "The Nutcracker" with such sweet tone in her voice. Thank you, Lord for my sweet children. What a blessing.