Friday, March 29, 2013

Random Update on the Little Smittles

  • Mia calls Isaiah Boy. Cracks me up EVERY time. They'll be playing together and we'll hear her shout out, "HEY!! BOY BOY!! COME ON, BOY!!"
  • "Engine Turtle"-What Isaiah calls his Ninja Turtle
  • "EYE-Lie"-What Mia calls Eli. It sounds like "fried rice" with an Asian accent. HYSTERICAL.
  • Addi wears leggings with almost everything(shorts, skirts, dresses, capris). They usually don't match. She thinks they're fancy.
  • Isaiah is really good at folding washcloths.
  • Isaiah asks to bring a book to his bed at nap time, but he never reads it. He just puts it at the foot of his bed.
  • He also sleeps with at least one car or monster truck.
  • KK is now reading pretty good. She's improved so much in the last few weeks.
  • Olivia finished level E of Spelling Power last week. She finished Saxon Math 3 on Monday. I can't believe she's going to be in FOURTH grade next year!!
And now, random pictures from the last week or so.
Addi looking grown holding her brother after bath.

My sweet Mia. She is a MESSS! One moment she's like this.

The next she's like this! She calls herself Monkey.

Mia's first real haircut. I've trimmed it several times, but this was the first time we took her somewhere. I had them cut it in a tiny little bob because she was starting to look like Mia Ray Cyrus.

She was so good for Denise, but she would NOT smile at her and never said a WORD. She's so different than the other kids. She has a very different personality than the other girls.

Her after picture. She looks so so cute!

Her hair looks so much thicker and healthier.

The kids and Manly at the zoo. We took our last trip to the zoo with our membership. I think we'll probably renew it because it was so much fun having it this last year and it's a really good deal, but this was our last trip before it expires at the end of the month. The kids were REALLY excited to have Manly there with us. We saw EVERY animal there and also used our free passes to ride the carousel and the train. It was such a perfect zoo day. We even had a picnic lunch and played on the new playground.

Seriously!? So sweet! This was our second time to see this little baby. When Olivia saw it she burst into tears and exclaimed, "THAT is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. They are so human-like in the way they show love." Oh my little animal lover...

Mia yelling at the fish.

The big girls counting turtles.

Addi wanted a picture of herself in front of the flamingos because they matched her shirt. =)

"The dudes" riding the train.

These two are such good buds. The kids have always called these slides best friend slides. You have to go down with your best friend.

Mia and KK having their turn.

Our sweet offspring.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Shopping

So, if you've read my blog very long you know that I love to find matching or at least coordinating clothing for the kids. I ESPECIALLY love Easter shopping! It's so fun to get the kids new things for a special day. This year I tried to find things that were both trendy and comfortable. I don't do a lot of trendy clothing because I pass most everything down the line of kiddos, and trendy clothing tends to be in one day and out the next. SO, generally I stick with more traditional styles, but every now and then I'll splurge and get some fun things which the girls always love.
Here are the outfits we found this year:

I can't for the life of me find a picture of Olivia's dress on the entire world wide web! Crazy. Well, imagine a shin length sleeveless dress. It's a beautiful royal blue dupioni silk-like fabric. It has wispy fabric over the neckline that make it look like it has a ruffle around the collar. It's so pretty. I'll post a picture of her wearing it soon. She'll wear a green flower clip and silver dainty sandals.
This is KK's dress. This picture doesn't look great, but it's really cute on her! It's hard to shop for her because she's SO skinny, but this dress is kind of stretchy, so it fits her really well. She's going to wear silver ballerina flats with it and a green flower clip.
This is Addi's dress. It's a nice silky fabric and is very twirly. It's sort of a baby doll cut. She loves it. She's going to wear silver sparkle flats and a blue flower clip.
This is Isaiah's shirt. It's that bright blue color, a mint color, and has a tiny yellow stripe. He'll wear this with khaki pants or maybe jeans and cute little slip on boating shoes mom and I found at Rhea Lana's.
This is Mia's dress. She looks kind of like a grandma in it, but it's REALLY cute. The colors are really trendy for the spring(mint is the color of the year if you couldn't tell!) Her dress is also twirly, and very comfy for her. She's going to wear silver ballerina flats and either a yellow bow or a blue flower clip.
This is the UBER cute tie I got for Eli. It's the same material as Isaiah's shirt. He'll wear this with a white dress shirt and khaki pants or maybe jeans. Oh, and the cutest little oxford "shoe" socks.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our First Last Firsts

So, with Eli being our final addition to our family there have been a lot of lasts in the two weeks since he's joined us. I've started calling them our first last firsts because there are LOTS of things that we'll never experience again(unless God decides to give us a miracle child). Some of them are bittersweet, some of them are happy, and some of them are just down right heartbreaking.

The first last first was the last time we'd ever have a one day old.
I can't believe how much he's already grown in two weeks!

The next was the last time we'll give a first bath.
Obviously, this was a grand occasion around here! 

Oh how I love this man. He's given all of our children their first bath.
He's so calm and peaceful with them.

Look at all of those towels and washcloths!

This was a happy first! The first time he slept through the night and I woke up before he did! He hasn't done it since then, but he's sleeping really well at night.
This is also the last time he was able to wear "newborn" clothes! Look at how short the sleeve is on him! Ha!
His first Holiday. St. Patrick's Day!

A heartbreaking last. This was right before his...procedure.
This little dude has some LUNGS. He screamed like a mad man! I call this picture the calm before the STORM!

A happy first. His first day of church today. It couldn't have gone better. He was nice and happy the entire morning, we got everyone ready while he napped, then he was calm at church. On our way home he had his first giant poop in my church clothes poop. I told him I was really glad he decided to wait until AFTER we'd been at church to do that!
He loves his momma! tahee!
Seriously, look at this sweet boy!!

These moments are lost if we don't take the time to soak every last drop of them up. It's been so different this time to just slow down, hold my newborn, and relax as time goes swooping past. I told him this morning he'll be grown before I know it and I'm going to hoover those cheeks while I still can. Later, I've got cheeks to kiss and memories to make...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Home Brewed Smittle: Birth Story

*************BEFORE YOU READ, PLEASE BE ADVISED************
This is a birth story with birth photography. While none of it is explicit, it is very personal and might be too much information(skin) for some readers. I'm posting this not because I want to show myself off, but because I want to share my story not only with you, but to keep for myself. PLEASE know that I don't wish to offend anyone, so if you think you might be offended STOP READING NOW!
When I woke up Friday, March 8, 2013 I was really sad. I was now 41 weeks, which meant that I'd have to begin plans to seek outside medical care for my pregnancy. I'd need a Biophysical Profile and an NST to be sure that everything was still OK with Eli and that it was OK to continue carrying him and deliver him at home as planned. While I'm not against seeking medical advice in the least I was just a little sad that we'd have a higher chance of not being able to deliver at home with our midwife.
I kept putting off the call and praying that I'd just go into labor that morning. I gave myself until noon to make the call. I went ahead with our regular life and we did morning chores, school, and started getting lunch ready. Before we ate lunch I turned on our "kids folk music" station on Pandora and the kids and I had a dance party. I danced all around with the kids in hopes to get something started. I'd had a few small contractions throughout the day, but nothing worthy of getting that baby OUT. Once I got the kids fed I had them head upstairs for nap. I helped them get settled for their nap, then came downstairs, got my lunch together, and headed into my room to make the call(just a little late. At this point it was about 12:40).
Before I made the call I sat on the end of my bed and prayed about it. I gave my pregnancy and Eli(once again) over to the Lord. I REALLY wanted to have the baby at home and get all the things I wanted as far as his delivery went, but the Lord knew those things, and I needed to be OK if he had other plans ahead for us. SO, I gave it ALL over to the Lord and dialed the number to set up the appointment. As the phone rang I gulped back tears and when I heard the lady on the other end of the phone I was confident when I told her what I needed. As I hung up the phone I'm telling you, I went into labor. At first I was in denial, but I had several really strong contractions that were about 3 minutes apart. I was still thinking that they might fizzle out, so I got up and walked around for a while.
I called Manly as he was heading in with a client at 1 to let him know I was having contractions, but didn't really know for sure if I was in labor. I called my midwife at about 1:30 to let her know that I thought I might be in labor and that she should probably go ahead and come. I called my mom and let her know it was time, but asked her to stop and get me a gown because I only had one. She was already heading our way for the afternoon anyway(to help me with the kids and keep my mind off of not having a baby), so it was good timing for her. I also called Paula so she could get ready to come. After making the calls I decided to go ahead and ask Manly to come home because I was starting to think that things were really moving along and I was starting to be in a LOT of pain. By the time he got home(about 10 minutes later) I had him calling the midwife telling her she needed to come NOW because I was pretty sure Eli was about to come. A few minutes later Mary(my midwife from when Mia was born, and Kim's helper) came as well as Paula. I was thinking it was getting really close to time, but because I'd only been having contractions for about an hour I thought it'd still be a while. A few minutes later Kim came and checked me and I was complete! I was in TOTAL shock! I guess once Eli decided to come he was in a hurry!
This was right after Paula got here and I was still focused and calm.

Since Scotty was in the middle of a very busy day he was making sure all of his appointments were canceled. I was a beast about his phone making noise though, so he quickly turned if off and returned to his duties.


No matter how many babies I have I still love to hear the chugging away of the baby heart.
With all of this going on the little kids were still sleeping soundly, and the two big girls were in the living room watching a show to mask the commotion going on in the house. Aunt Stephanie came to help with the kids. I probably should have sent the big kids to the park with Steph or something, because I'm pretty sure they were a little scared. This was the first time I've gone into labor in the daytime, so it was the first time they had seen me in pain at all. Poor Olivia was so worried.

Pressing through the pain. Love the sweet look on Manly's face.

Speaking of pain, I was in MUCH more pain this time! My water still hadn't broken, so I had a TON of really terrible pressure each time I'd have a contraction. I kept hollering, "I WISH MY WATER WOULD BRRRRREAK!" Ha! The people in the room probably thought I was going nuts! I was begging for him to come or for someone to break my water! I'd like to say I was great at breathing through the contractions and staying focused, but the pain was so great that I was really having a hard time. Between contractions I was laughing and fine, but when they would come I thought I was going to DIE! I was totally embarrassed after it was over. Especially since my friend, Di had come to observe for the first time in hopes to gain experience in birthing babies. She probably changed her mind after being here for me! Ha!
I love this picture. I had no idea Di was praying while I was in labor, but I appreciate it so much. Such a great friend.

My "dream team" helping me push through the pain.

Love this picture of Holly. She's such an amazing support.
You can hire her as your Doula through Birthworks.

Mary is such an amazing midwife. I'm thrilled that she was a part of two of my births.
Amidst all the pain I had a moment of tears and sadness about this being my last time to have a baby. I know to so many reading this you'd think how crazy I must be to feel like that after having SIX babies, but the sadness of being finished with this chapter of our life was real, and it was good to take a moment and give in to the emotion and let myself cry.

Manly talking with me while I was having my moment.
Manly was so helpful this time. I had hoped we'd be able to go to some birth education classes so that he'd feel he had more of a part this time and not feel like he was in the way. He gets really nervous and wants to help wherever he can. This time I gave him a job. He sat behind me in the bed and gave me support in my back wherever I needed it. He also held my hand and kissed my head. Sweet man.

My mom waiting. She was with me all six times. Such a blessing.

Finally, mid contraction, as Eli was starting to crown my water broke. I cried out, "THANK YOU, LORD!" You would have thought he had been born because it relieved so much pressure. After my water broke it was only a few minutes before he was born. All of this happened within about 30 minutes, because at 3:05PM Elias York Smittle came roaring into our life! I was only in real labor for about an hour and a half! Such an amazing blessing for that to be my last experience of having a baby.

After he was here we let the two big girls come in and see him first. After that my parents spent time loving on him, and once the little kids were up our completed family had a few moments together. It was such an amazing time together. All the kids were so excited to have such a cool surprise when they woke up from nap! After everyone had a chance to love on him Kim weighed and measured him. 9lbs 12 oz and 21 inches long explained the crazy pain. I knew all along that he seemed like a big baby!! He was my biggest baby by a POUND. 

Love this picture of Eli. He's so alert and looks so peaceful.

My sweet Chubby Bubby!

I think this might have been the first time Scotty got to hold him.

LOVE this picture.

Love this man. He's such an amazing dad and husband.

Everyone having a look.

Momma and her gaggle.

The Completed Smittle Family

Love this one. I just love squishing me some babies!

Holly checking Eli's stats.

My dad showing Aunt Steph Eli.
After most everyone cleared out we had some special time together just me and Eli. He did great with nursing, and is the picture of health. He has red hair and at the moment dark blue eyes. He also has a reddish tint to his skin. He has peach fuzz all over his sweet little back, cheeks, and even on his ears. He's got really long feet and huge hands. That makes me think he'll probably be a big boy as he grows, but we'll see. So far he's been pretty laid back, but he rarely gets laid down, so he doesn't have much of a chance to cry. Yes, that's mostly my fault, but you better believe I'm soaking up EVERY last second of having a newborn for the last time. He's lucky I put him down to sleep! 

 We've had such amazing support from my parents, our friends, and church family! I haven't had to make a meal yet, and I've gotten so many flowers and goodies over the last week and a half. It makes me so happy to be part of such a great community. God has really blessed us with a great support system.
SO thankful for my "dream team." Love these ladies oh so much!

Can you tell they love what they do?

Thanks for walking with me through this journey. I'm so glad to have Eli's pregnancy, labor, and delivery all recorded. Please always feel free to ask any questions about my birth experience. I love to share about it, and would love to answer any questions you may have. Even if birthing at home isn't something you think you'd want to do!

I want to give Paula Bean Photography credit for these beautiful photos. We are so thankful to have these precious pictures! She did such a great job and obviously loves what she does. If you are ever in need of a photographer I highly recommend her! She does all sorts of photography from birth to weddings and everything in between. You can get in touch with her here or here.