Monday, October 31, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

Lulu and KK had their party this weekend! What a hoot! Enjoy!!

The invitation(with our information blocked out for safety):

I don't usually use pre-made invitations because I like to make my own, but I saw this paper and the girls LOVED it and thought it looked like a royal scroll, so we decided we'd just use it. It was sure a lot easier than making my own scrolls! I got a kick out of the "royal court" line. Addison would say, "It's not MY party, but I'm in the royal court." Whenever we'd hand out invitations! So cute!

The Decorations:
Starting with the sidewalk and working our way into the house and party area...

Manly and Lulu spread these bread crumbs on the sidewalk to go along with Hansel and Gretel

Manly made these signs for me to put on the door. SO cute. This one was on the front glass door.

This one was on the other side.

The girls asked for a royal carpet starting at the front door. We used easel paper and made this in about 10 minutes. They LOVED it!
We wanted to keep the kids from going upstairs, but I wanted to do it in a way that wouldn't be rude, so I came up with this idea and Scotty painted it on a diaper box! LOVED the way it turned out. Above the sign on the table is a cute dress-up chest that a friend gave us FULL of dress-up clothes that were her granddaughters. Such a beautiful touch for our party!

The Birthday Banner. I made it from 7 types of scrapbook paper and jute twine.
It really turned out cute!

This one isn't decorated for the birthday, just fall, but it's so pretty! Ha!

The mantle in the living room. One side was princess and the frog, the other side was Alice and Wonderland. I left my fall decor out, so the pumpkin is not party related, but pretty!

The pirate ship and the tic-toc croc and a sneak peek of the bean stalk...

The doorknob from Alice and Wonderland was on our guest bathroom door knob.
Another Manly job. This one was actually his idea too!

Addison got this CD player for her birthday. It's so cute and went with the theme nicely.

Snow White's 7 Dwarfs

My flying carpet. I almost don't want to take it down I'm so proud of it! I just took an old bathroom rug, added tassels I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby and hung it with fishing line.
It turned out SO SO cute!!!

Olivia showing how tall it is. Ha!

The BEANSTALK! I thought it turned out really cute. It's three packs of green crepe paper braided together. I wanted it to look like Jack had gone up the stalk, so we put some of Brubbs big boy shoes up on the top with some polyfill. CUTE!

This is the Evil Queen from Snow White's station. I thought my apothecary jars looked great as potion jars! It's just water and food coloring.

The next few are The Three Bears Cottage from Goldilocks. I thought the "porridge" was a nice CHEAP centerpiece. Ha!

Speaking of Porridge!! The FOOD: I wanted to keep things simple this year to keep costs down as low as possible.

I wanted the table to look like something from a fairytale princess story. I found this bed net at Rhea Lana's for $3. Olivia has been wanting one anyway, so I snatched it up, used it for the party, and Scotty is hanging it for her on her bed today. I thought it looked nice.

Almond Bark Dipped Pretzel Rods with yellow sprinkle tips-Fairy Godmother Wands

WalMart Brand fish crackers-Monstro's Fish Chow

Jelly Beans-Jack's Magic Beans

Ham and Cheese/ PB&J-Grandmother's Sandwiches

Fairytale Storybook Cake- This is two 9X13 cakes beside each other with a v-shape cut from the middle. Iced with homemade buttercream icing. It didn't turn out quite like I had in my head, but it was a hit with the girls and got lots of compliments.

I just got a case of water this time and bought those drop in things in a few different flavors. I attached "Drink Me" tags to go with Alice and Wonderland.

The Goodie Bags:
So, confession of a busy momma. I FORGOT to hand out the goodie bags! I felt so bad! We ended up taking them to church the next day and the girls passed them out to people, but I felt so bad for forgetting them! Especially after I'd taken all the time it took to make them. They were made up of Cinderella's magic pumpkins, a handmade bookmark, and a little thank you note. I thought they were cute!

The Games:
"Plant the KISS on the Frog Prince." Yet another Manly job. He's good at drawing, if you haven't noticed. Anyway, I chose a picture that I liked and he made this for me. I made the kisses by printing clip art kisses on red construction paper. We simply blindfolded the kids, spun them around, then gave them the "kiss" to plant on the frog prince. Fun!

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition-The Pig Family" Such a FUN idea! I had the kids re-build the three little pigs houses. Using toothpicks and marshmallows, Popsicle sticks and play dough, and sugar cubes and icing, the kids had to build the homes of the three little pigs. They LOVED this game. Especially the kids with food materials!

Our last game was "Musical Blankets" To go along with the fairytale theme we used blankets for Sleeping Beauty and had the kids walk around the blankets while we played music. When the music stopped they had to try to find a blanket and lay down on it. They loved this game and Addi ALMOST won!=)

NOW, the FUN pictures!!

Mia was Goldilocks! Ha! The girl LOVED her "wig" made from a bonnet we got at the Ozark folk center and yellow curl ribbon. She held a stuffed bear in her hand and wore cute little stockings with Mary Janes made onto them. So adorable!

Brubbs was our fearless Captain Hook! He looked so adorable!

Addison was Cinderella. She looked so lovely with a nice pretty bun.

Emma Claire was Snow White. She really wanted black hair, so we got her the spray hair dye. In all the pictures it looks blue, but I promise it wasn't! Ha! It was, indeed, BLACK as COAL! She LOVED the party and seeing everyone dressed up.

My mom took this picture of her. So cute!

Lulu was Alice. Sweet old girl. She had several costumes she could choose from, but she decided to be Alice and looked so cute!

The two birthday girls!

   The four oldest kids. Mia was taking a nap.

My sweet dad as Smee! Isn't this so cute!?

My sister, Emilie as the Blue Fairy.

My mom as Pooh!

My dad and Brubbs. Hook and Smee!!

Manly and I as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf as Grandmother

Gigi and Paul Bunyan! So cute!

My good friend, Diana and her girls. Grace is Sleeping Beauty and Elanor is Nana from Peter Pan and Di is a fairy! So adorable!

Scotty and our friend Brian. I have no idea...

My sister and my Granny

The big bad wolf caught Captn. Hook

RRH and Cinderella

Hook and Paul Bunyan play a duet.

Sweet Sarah and Mia. She just loves babies!

Syd. She was dressed as Princess Rosey.

Manly with his sister who was dressed as Annie Oakley's sister, or as EmC would say, "Ann's Sister" Someone gets cool points for reading my blog!!!


The big bad wolf and Grandmother. Friends at last.

Can you tell that the girls love their POP???

Brubs likes him too!

The blue fairy and my sweet Goldilocks.

My favorite picture of BBW. Ha!

We have such great friends. This is Tiffny with Mia. She's always such a blessing to me!
Wow. Mia really looks bald in this picture, but she really has quite a bit of short white blond hair.

Thanks to everyone who made this day special for the kids. They really had a good time!