Sunday, September 30, 2012

Home Brewed Smittle. Week 18. 22 to go.

It seems like this has been a loooong week after many weeks seeming to fly by. We've been really busy getting ready for Lulu's 8th birthday party, and Scotty has been busy with work, so I guess that's it, but I'm hoping this next week doesn't lurch on and on like the past week has.
Elias has really started to make himself known by moving around more and getting a LOT bigger. It's so exciting to be in this stage. I'm not so giant I feel terrible, but I still get the perks of feeling him kick around.
As we begin to get ready for his arrival (still months away, but I'm a planner.), we've been going through lots of clothes and baby stuff that I've hoarded kept until we were finished having babies. It was so strange to get rid of all the girl clothes, bibs, blankets, and baby toys. I did keep several things that I thought the girls would like to have some day as mothers, but most of it will sell at Rhea Lana's or be given away.
Several of you have asked about this being our last baby. I had thought about writing a blog about all the reasons and sharing all of that with you, but I've decided that it's not necessary. There are a few of you who have sent me private messages with questions, and I'm so happy to answer any questions you might have. Know that coming to this decision was made after months and months of prayer. We did not just decide this was going to be our last baby because the Suburban is full now. We have really thought about, prayed about, and cried about this decision. Now that it's made, we have had such a complete peace about it. If you want to know anything else, feel free to email or private message me.
We put the baby bed back up in Brother's room so he could get used to the idea of having a brother sleep in his room(although it will likely be a while before he actually DOES sleep up there). Isaiah just LOVES the thought of having a brother and "po-tek-tee-ing"(protecting) him. I love to hear him talk about Baby Eli. He gets so excited. He's likes to put his hand on my belly and "feel the baby."
We're trying to decide if we want to take a birthing class. I know it's crazy, but we've never been to one, and I'd kind of like to get to go. Did you ever go? I find most people did. It's so strange to me that we've never even thought about going. Decisions decisions.
Speaking of decisions, I had to get rid of our infant carrier after Mia was finished with it as the expiration date was coming up on it and would have expired before Eli was born. Be sure to always check your kids seats for dates. They are generally good for five years. ANYWAY, because it's been a while since I bought a new one I've been looking at different brands and models. There are so many to chose from! I have several I need to go and actually see and try out. I'm really picky about the way they latch and the way the handle is, so these are things I need to go in and check out before I just pick one.
We'll have to move everyone around in the Suburban to make us all be able to fit. I'm planning to put the three middle kids in the back in their 5-point harness seats, and have Lulu and KK in the front with their boosters on both sides of the baby seat. This isn't ideal, as we'll have to help the two younger middles with their seats, but because of buckle space, it's easier this way. I think it'll keep the big kids from feeling like a couple of sardines.
I'm also in need of a good diaper bag. Really the diaperbag and the infant seat are the only two things we need. I've had a billion and one different kinds, and my favorite as far as durability and look is SkipHop. We have this adorable bag for Brubbs, and it's been so amazingly durable for him. He has dragged it around and it still looks new. I also know other moms I love and trust who have had the big giant diaper bags and they love them. I'm probably going to get this one. This is the "Duo" diaper bag from SkipHop. It has so many cool pockets and I love the padded strap and side pockets.

I love that it's simple and sleek, but doesn't look too girly. Manly likes to help carry bags while we're out, but he's not fond of looking like he's carrying a purse. Ha! I love the teal. If I could, I'd paint every room in my house teal!
I also LOVE that it can clip onto the back of the stroller. Look at how easy that is and everything is at your fingertips. Look how calm and peaceful this mother is. There probably isn't even a baby in that stroller! Ha! I'm just thinking how easy this will be for trips and outings. LOVE it.
When I checked out babycenter this week I had to laugh. It says that my appetite should be picking up(which it is), and that Eli was approximately the size of a bell pepper. This, in turn, made me crave bell peppers(which I like to eat in frozen bites BTW. Wow. Nothing like comparing your baby to a food, then wanting to eat it. Well, anyway, here's a visual. In yellow. My favorite. Now don't you go wanting to eat it too! HA!

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Smittle Bit of News

Mia FINALLY has enough "top hair"(as my brother used to say as a child) for a fountain pony. Yes, it's tiny, but it's there.
This is her cheese face again. HA! She's such a SILLY little baby! Don't worry, Addi isn't pushing her. It looks like it, but she's not! These two sisters are SO much fun together. By the way, Mia LOVES to climb and slide down slides. She's the bravest of all my kids as far as climbing goes. That girl will slide down, land on her FACE, get up, and SLIDE again! She's a TOUGH girl!!
We went to the zoo for Lulu's birthday yesterday. There were so many baby animals! It was so fun to see them with their momma's! Olivia was particularly taken by the babies in the great ape area. Look at these sweet things!
Seriously? This is the sweetest momma/baby picture! She was so gentle with her too!

We've seen this "baby" the last few times. I'd say he/she is ready to walk on their own, but the momma thinks otherwise. She kept pulling on the baby and getting it to cling on to her. So sweet!

This makes me laugh out loud. The baby kept looking up at the kids. Love his little ears.


Look! TWINS baby gorillas! Ha! The girls love getting on this giant gorilla. Ha!

Bub needed to get in on the action this time.
They had such a fun time this time because the weather was cool and the animals were out and there was NO ONE else there. We had the whole zoo to ourselves. The kids loved being able to walk all around like "big kids." I loved getting to give them a little more freedom without the fear of them getting snatched up by a stranger or lost in a crowd. 
They are so stinking cute!

Little Lulu. It seems like yesterday when we were taking her on her first zoo trip! Can't believe she's EIGHT now. Time flies.

Another (snotty) cheese face. Seriously so cute! They had never played on the playground at the zoo before because there are usually so many people there, but today we had it to ourselves. We also found out today that they are building an all-new set for all you other zoo members! We are really excited about it! Especially Mia, as you can tell in this picture! HA!

For some reason my kids love these silly picture things. Even when I don't have my camera they want to crawl up there and put their head through the hole. 
KK as a scarecrow.

Lulu as a farmer.

Addi as a squirrel. Ha! This is so her personality too!

Bubby doesn't seem to hold the same sentiment for photo op head hole thingies. He looks so bored. My thoughts exactly, Brub.

He does seem to like bronze bears though.
 We got to see so many animals we don't usually get to see today. All the bears were out, the cats were up walking around, and the otters were playing.
KK called over to this otter and it walked over to her, climbed as close as it could, then stood on it's back legs and looked right at her. He just stood there looking at her and barking.
 The kids always enjoy the penguins. Today it was like they(the penguins) were craving attention. One took a particular liking to Bubby. It would swim down to where he was and just watch him until he needed to go up for air, then he'd swim back down and do it again.
 Mia was laughing hysterically, and Olivia was trying to determine what was REALLY going on. Love these simple moments of brother sister time when they AREN'T fussing or sleeping.

Isn't this SWEET!?
 In other news, my darling son is working hard at being able to get his tongue to his nose. He's REALLY close. Ha! He's doing his best to make his momma(who can easily do this trick)proud!
He can already do the curl. He was trying to show off to his sister(Olivia) in these pictures. She has a tiny stub of a tongue and can hardly get it out of her mouth at all!

Happy Birthday, Lucy Louise!

Today is Olivia's EIGHTH birthday! I just can't believe it! I tried to pick a post to link to for you to be able to read, but when I clicked the Olivia shortcut I couldn't pick just one! They are all so fun to read. SO, if you have time and want a laugh, go HERE. Be sure to scroll down until you come to the "Ann has sisters and brothers" post. That one made me laugh out loud.

Olivia AKA Lulu, Lucy, Shug, and Sister,
We love you so much, and we are so glad God chose us to be your family to share life with you. You bless me personally EVERY single day with your kind heart and your willingness to help out any time I ask. I love your personality and your funny humor. I'm so glad to have a child that gets me and understands if I were to say, "Hey. Can you get that thing that we use for doing that...thing." I just love you so much. I can't wait to see what this year holds for you. I pray blessings of friends on you, and I hope that you have a great year in TNT and in school.
Love, Mom

Home Brewed Smittle:Week 17. 23 to go.

Now the weeks are FLYING by. I'm getting...plump. It's hard not to look at other girls who are close to me in due date and think I'm a LOT bigger than them, but I just keep telling myself this is number SIX and my body knows what it's doing. It started thinking I needed a pooch around week 4. Ha!
I'm feeling GREAT. Finally. I just love the second trimester. I'm still waiting for "the glow," but what are ya gonna do, right?
The baby has really started kicking and moving around a lot. It may be in part to his skeleton changing from cartilage to bone(according to Now that he's got strong bones he's just kicking like a soccer champ! I love being able to feel HIM move.
Also, according to babycenter his sweat glands are starting to develop. Just what I need another sweaty stinky boy! Ha! I'll just have to buy more air fresheners for their side of the house.
I went to visit my midwife this past week, and everything went well there. She has an apprentice, who was actually a part of my last birth that I just love. I was able to visit with her too, and I'm looking forward to having them both be part of things this time. Elias had a strong heartbeat, and everything else is checking out just right. So glad to have a healthy pregnancy.
Also, does anyone else have crazy dreams while they're pregnant? I've had SUCH wild dreams this time. Usually they are about the baby, delivery, or something to do with me and babies. This time they are all WAY OUT there. I had a dream this past weekend about a few of my friends who are worship leaders basically trying to take their clothes off while leading worship for a group of youth. CRAZY! Ha! I woke up laughing and hoping that NEVER really happened! There really isn't a for sure reason why pregnant mom's have wild dreams, but it's suggested it's because we wake in REM sleep more often to pee, or for leg craps or to change positions, so we remember our dreams more. Strange.
ANYWAY, this week, our little BOY is weighing in at around 5 ounces. That's about the weight of a turnip. He's growing up so fast, our little turnip boy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pictures and Such

I love this time of year. Fall is my favorite season, because it's just so beautiful outside. I also love the fall activities. It seems like all the fun outdoor stuff happens in the fall.
Here are a few of our recent pictures along with brief captions.
Manly's grandparents bought us a brick at our alma mater as a gift a few years back. We were able to make it say what we wanted, so we thought it was fitting to have it say something about that being where we met. I thought it'd be cool to get a shot of all of us with the brick, but it's not possible to get a picture with 7 people and a brick in the ground, so we settled for a foot shot. Ha!
Here is a close up of the brick. Kind of cool to have our names in the history of Central Baptist College.

We were at the school because they were dedicating a new building that's part of a huge new building project. Here are Brubs and Manly clapping for the opening.

Dad had to show us all his classroom. This is also where Scotty teaches part-time.

Isaiah is obsessed with taking pictures. He took this one of us. He makes me smile. Love his sweet sweet smile.

I took the kids to the fair parade today. They LOVED it. I wasn't sure about taking them by myself with us having to walk after parking and being right on the road, but they were so so well behaved.
I told them you can't go to the fair parade without boots and cowboy garb, so they got all dressed up. SO CUTE! Look at my Mia's face!
Lulu waiting for the fair parade to start. Love this cutiepie!

Brub TOTALLY busted up in this picture. Again with his obsession with picture taking!
Still cute though.

Addi held on to Bub while they were standing up "so he wouldn't run out."
She's such a sweet sister. Love her braids!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Home Brewed Smittle: Week 16. 24 to go.

Week 16. Yay! I love this time in pregnancy. I'm finally feeling good, I'm not GINORMOUS yet, and I can start to feel the baby moving around.
"The baby," by the way, (if you haven't seen this)is a BOY! YAY! We are so so excited! The kids are overjoyed. Brubs is happy to get a brother to "sleep in his room." After we went to the ultrasound Bubby said no less than 10-15 times, "I'm SO glad I have a BROTHER in THERE!" He's just so excited to get to have a "brudder."
KK is also excited. This baby will be her buddy, so she already has a sort of bond with him before he's even born. She can't wait to get to have a buddy, and is especially glad he's a BOY. She said, "Now I can teach him cool boy stuff."whatever that means. Ha!
I'll have my second visit with my midwife this week. I'm excited to hear his heartbeat again and see how he's grown in the last month. I'm NOT excited about the weight I have likely gained...Ehh, let's hope baby #6 weight comes off eventually...

Babycenter says the baby is about to have a huge growth spurt. This week, his size is being compared to an avocado. Last week was an apple. Maybe it's just the kind of apples I buy, or the avocado's they sell in the stores around here, but it seems like an apple(the size of the baby last week according to babycenter) is larger than an avocado. Oh well.
AND, we've decided to name him Elias. We aren't 100% on a middle name, because I like Paul(His grandpa's name) and Scotty likes York(my maiden name). We'll likely call him Eli most of the time. I guess we'll just poll everyone and eventually land on a name before he's born. 

Friday, September 14, 2012


A Baby BOY that is!
(Obviously, boy parts and legs/feet)

We are so so excited!

As soon as she turned on the machine it was CLEARLY a boy. YAY!
(This is his little face with hands beside both sides of his face.)
Thank you Lord, for hearing my prayers for a brother for Brubbs!
(This picture is his legs and crossed feet.)

So sweet. This is his little hand up next to his face. He was waving at us!

Another shot(likely the last one you'll ever see) of the manhoods.

Sweet little perfect BOY!!!
(Tummy and head/face)

And now, as promised, a shout out to all the people who guessed CORRECTLY
 on my facebook page!
Jan H.
Ashley B.
Kathy S.
Earlene M.(I'm giving you credit even though you said you "feel it's a girl")
Amanda R.
Erin D.
Ashley M.
Connie D.
Amy B.(although she actually kind of guessed both)
Karen G.
Jennifer S.
Beth G.
Rebecca R.
Kristin H.
Amanda P.
Marla L.
Becke' S.(Even though she said TWINS Boy and Girl)
Khristy O.
Now, what do we name the little BOY?!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moments with the Babies

Having 5 littles is tough! There's almost always someone crying, falling, or yelling.
Talk about TONS of messes, tons of dirty clothes, and TONS of riding toys under foot.
The upside to lots of littles is SMILES, SONGS, LAUGHTER, LOVE, AND IMAGINATION.
I just love love love all the little things that make me smile and make all the rough days worth while.
Last night was one of those moments. I'd taken the babies to Bible Study with me, and Manly had taken the big girls to AWANAS.
On our way back to the car after Bible Study Isaiah was chattering about what he and Mia did while they were in childcare. He looked up at me so excited and said, "Me and Mia was being best friends in class. We didn't cry! We was just being two happy children!" I smiled happily at him and told him how glad I was they were happy friends, and opened the door for them to hop into the car. When he got in he looked over at Mia and said, "HI, best friend!" She laughed at him and waved. So sweet.
Once we were home and while we were waiting the few minutes before the rest of the family made it home I decided to take a few pictures of Mia's first day in "pigtails." The poor girl has NO top and side hair, but quite a bit of shaggy, curly hair in the back. I decided to try some little piggies yesterday, and it worked...sort of.
Cute. Some day maybe she'll have enough hair to have REAL pigtails! Ha!
Once I got the camera out the kids went nuts smiling and laughing and making faces. 

Mia's new favorite word is "CHEEEEEEEEEESE!"

Love this sweet goofy smile.

Bubbs started making faces...

And Mia didn't want to be left out! Ha!

He said, "We take a best friend picture. I hug you, Mia!" She's just yelling "CHEEESE!"

Here he's saying, "I kiss you Mia!"
Then she wanted to kiss HIM!
So blessed by these two sweet babies. So glad that God chose me to be their mom and share moments like these.
Remember, this is your life. Soak it up!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I haven't posted much on our daily ins and outs lately. Just SO busy with school, pregnancy, supporting Manly in his new job, and life in general has me hopping right now! Here is some of our latest news:
  • Olivia tested 6.1 in spelling for a placement test. Seriously? She's 7. That's supposed to be 2nd grade. She's such a smart girl. She does a LOT of reading, and I think it's really helped her with spelling and writing.
  • Amelia is FINALLY starting to talk. She's been our strong silent type child, and just hasn't been talking much at all. She's been able to talk for several months now, but just in the last few weeks she's actually started using words. I'm so glad, as her constant lack of communication fit throwing was getting old. She's REALLY hysterical, and is always making Olivia and me laugh.
  • Isaiah is healing well after his accident. He's still a little scared of getting down from things or climbing on things, but I'm OK with that! Ha!
  • Poor KK got a terrible haircut from JCPenney while they were having their free haircut promo. I was able to shape it up a LITTLE, but it still looks really bad(if you ask me). I'd never tell her of course. I guess you get what you pay for...
  • Manly's job is going really well. We've been so blessed with him having a pretty good load of clients. It's so amazing to see God blessing Scotty's efforts, and we are excited to see what the future holds.
  • Addison spent Saturday with my dad at the deer woods. She was in HEAVEN. This is a bit strange as she's quite the diva, but apparently there are a LOT of flowers to be picked and a LOT of boys to be bossed out in the woods! Ha! She even found some "dinosaur bones."
  • This is the month Olivia turns 8. How can that be possible?
  • Manly turns 30 in less than 2 months. Glory DAY I can not wait for that day, as he's given me a hard time for the last 2 years. You're time is COMING, brothah.
  • I think this baby might be a boy just because I've wanted such nasty junk food the whole time I've been pregnant. We're talking I almost ate a HOT DOG the other day. GAG!!!
  • I'm in the mood to paint the house and redecorate rooms. Too bad there are no funds for that. Someday...
  • I've got Disney fever! We have a trip loosely planned for next September. That's 365 days away. I don't know if we'll be able to hold off that long! So excited to go back with our kids and celebrate Addi turning 5! WHOA! ADDISON is going to be FIVE???! Hold up! That's not possible either!
  • MOPS started today. It was nice to see old friends and new faces. Looking forward to a good year. My kids had a BALL in MOPPETS. Isaiah said he wanted to go back every day. That's after he AND Mia both started SCREAMING as soon as we walked in the door. Nice.
  • Isaiah has been a little worried of being left since his surgery(he had to stay with us and out of his classes for a few weeks while he healed). I know it's a phase, but it's catching to Mia and when they are both screaming at the same time it's a little overwhelming both for me and the teachers I'm trying to hand them off to.
  • I need to get to the stride rite outlet in Branson. ALL the kids need new shoes.
  • My hair is growing out right now. Today I looked in the mirror and thought I looked like a baby boy that needs a first haircut with curls flipped out over my ears. Random, but true.
  • I'm in a cooking rut. Mostly because I'm so tired I don't want to cook.
  • Olivia wants a dog. Ehh, if you know me you know there are two things I hate: dogs and HOTDOGS! I've thought of having BOTH in my home in the same week. What is this world coming to? Seriously. We're probably about to be pet owners. I think I just got a hive...
OK, that's enough bullets for one day. I'm tired.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Home Brewed Smittle: Week 15. 25 to go.

I can't believe I'm already in week 15. Then again, I've felt EVERY day of the last 15 weeks, so I guess I can believe it after all. Ha!
This week I've started feeling some for sure movements, so that's always fun! Once I start feeling movements I'm ready to know if the baby is a boy or a girl so that I can really start to bond and identify with this tiny Smittle. We'll find out soon.
Manly finally got me his list of names...Ehh, I'm not a fan of his list. I don't know if he picked names he THOUGHT I'd like or if he was just trying to find ugly names. We'll see about a name after we know what we've got here.
I'll be having my risk assessment soon. When you do a homebirth you are required to have two assessments done in the pregnancy. It's just a way to be sure that you are at low risk for any complications in the pregnancy, labor, or delivery. I'll have this appointment probably sometime this week or next.
I've had to move into only maternity clothes this week. I kept trying to hold off, but apparently the body of a mother of 6 just KNOWS when there's a baby inside and it thinks it's time to look pregnant!
In other news, Babycenter says the baby is about the size of an apple. Sure is doing a lot of growing!