Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Pics from our day.

My beautiful girls.

Mia looks WAY too old. Olivia is grown. Addi's hair is BEAUTIFUL, and my sweet sweet KK is so pretty!

Eli is really sick, bless his heart. He's also ALWAYS on the move, so trying to capture a GOOD picture of him is next to impossible. I was also having a TERRIBLE time trying to get Isaiah away from KK's face so that I could see BOTH of them.

LOVE Eli's face in this one. That boy is a MESS!

The best of the self timer tripod pictures.

L.O.V.E. these silly ones. I try to remember to let the kids do a few of these at the end to reward them for good behavior. These are CLASSIC!

Mia is trying to hold Eli in place. Ha!

Waiting to hunt eggs at Nana and Pop's house after church. My mom had TONS of eggs for them!

Notice Mia's Kool-Aid mouth! HA!

This boy loves his momma!

The egg hunt begins!

KK was all business. I kept chasing her around trying to get a picture of her. This is the closest I got.

Addi with her sack full.

Bubba searching eggs.

Olivia with her loot.

Mia finding eggs.

She said, "I FOUND THEM!!!"

My Lulu found the prize egg!!

She also got to get a bunny to keep at Nana and Pop's. This is Peter(I think. Maybe the other one. She got TWO!) This girl LOVES animals so so much! Love this picture of her!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Mia, My Mia, My Darlin'

My sweet darlin' Mia is a HAM for the camera these days. She's always asking me to take her picture. I know that soon she'll be dodging the camera for greater things like everyone else, so I thought I'd share some of my recent favorites today.

She said, "Momma, take my picture with a pretty smile."

She has a current cape fascination. She wears them pretty much all the time. She decided to wear this small one(in comparison to the floor length one she usually wears) to a birthday party where she made this crown.

She LOVES this time of the year with all the pretty flowers.

With her long awaited piggy tails.

Dressed as Princess Merida. All the arrows are broken, so she decided to use a drumstick instead.

Buzz Lightyear and his Pilgrim Girl in their row boat in search of land. Ha!

More capes. Three to be exact.

Today she asked me to put her usual cape on as a hood. She said, "This is the booty-fuller way to do it."

I could eat her up!

I mean, come on! SO cute!

Sorry, I couldn't pick just one of these.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

All You Need is LOVE...and a Few Other Things

Ahh, the first time momma. You find out you're going to have a baby! Great! Figure out a way to tell the fam, buy your first pair of elastic waist jeans, and take a deep breath. Next it's time to step into Babies R Us for the first time. You walk in and immediately want to cry yourself to sleep. Maybe it's the hormone induced exhaustion, or maybe it's the endless aisles of baby products screaming out to be swiped by your scanner deal for baby registries. You don't know where to start, or what you REALLY need for baby's first year.
You try to turn and run, but you can't because it's an entrance only door. You stand there looking lost and panicked until some teenage dude who has NO idea what he's talking about comes and thrusts a list in your hand with "MUST HAVES FOR BABY." You look at the list and feel that you might need to run out and buy a lottery ticket in order to try and pay for all the new items you MUST buy. Isn't there another way?! Oh but there is, dear first time momma!
We have become so commercialized that we've forgotten it really doesn't take a whole lot to have a baby. I'm here to tell you, aside from a whole lot of love, there's really only a FEW things you'll NEED.
  • Diapers-It doesn't matter what kind of diapering you plan to use. You're going to need some! Start with newborn sizes, but know those little suckers will grow out of that size in a hot minute! Wanna use cloth? More power to you, sister. Don't ask me about that though because I have NO experience! Ha! We always used Pampers Swaddlers until around size three where we switch to Target brand.
  • Burp Rags-My favorite are the really thinish cloth diapers. They work the best. There's also some by Gerber that I like that are a little thinner than a washcloth. They come in a package of about 8 and are always great to have for the diaper bag. No matter what you plan to feed the little dear, you can bet at one time or another it's going to come back up. They also make a great nose wiper for cold season. So much softer than tissue.
  • Diaper Bag-Get one that can double as a purse. Put two changes of clothes for baby, 4 diapers, wipes, and at least 2 burp rags. I also include nursing pads for me and any other feminine products I might need. I've used all brands of bags, and don't really have a favorite. I do like materials that will wipe clean instead of it being machine washable just because it seems easier to keep clean in the long run.
  • Carrier Carseat-Again, I don't have a favorite brand when it comes to these, but I have a LOT of friends who are hard core over one brand or another. My priority has always been that it's something that is safe, that I can carry without killing myself, and that is comfortable enough that the baby will sit in it without fussing the entire time. Again, if you have a baby and a vehicle, you'll HAVE to have a carseat.
So, that's IT as far as what you HAVE to have, but assuming you don't want baby sleeping in your bed and basically being connected to you for an entire year(plus the nine months he's cooking)here are some other options that have made life a LOT easier...
  • Carrier-Do yourself and your baby a favor and go get yourself a baby carrier. It doesn't matter what brand you chose. What matters is how you feel wearing it. I love the Moby, but there are some who hate it! The key is going into the store and trying them on so that you find one that you love.
  • Stroller-I rarely used a stroller in the first year just because I mostly wore our babies, but you might want one especially if you do a lot of shopping. Be sure to get one that matches up with your carrier so you can pull the carrier right out of the car and into the stroller without much fuss.
  • Pack-and play(AKA Playpen)-They make these things in several varieties. My favorite is the kind with the bassinet(bed for tiny babies) insert. You can use it right after baby is born, then take it out and still have a safe place for baby to sleep for however long you need it. Our two youngest spent several months in these because we have a two story house with bedrooms FULL of siblings. You can also use it later when you need a good place for baby to play. I've used mine up to two years or so with toys when I need to do something and can't keep a constant watch.
  • Bouncy seat/swing-they make a LOT of different combos, but I like a bouncy seat and a small travel size swing. Know that these are NOT a MUST MUST have, but you'll probably be glad you have one or the other. I used my bouncy seat on the counter while I was making dinner. Only for non-mobile babies. The mobile ones will figure out how to break free and be jumping of the counter! Ha!
  • Swaddle blanket-I like the kind with Velcro, but Manly is good at the foldable kind. Get at lease two because you'll want to be able to wash them every now and then. My favorite are Aden and Anais. They're a little pricey, but look for them secondhand.
SO, in my opinion, aside from milk, these are the must haves for baby in the first year. I'm happy to chat more about brands if you're interested. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be glad to answer! Happy shopping!!