Monday, August 31, 2009

A Poll, Cause they're FUN!

I just added a poll to my site on the upper right hand corner. It'll give you time to weigh in your opinion on the sex of Lil' Smittle #4!! We go on the 10th to find out the gender. We are so so excited. I need to put some pictures of my current tummy. It's getting bigger by the day!
School is still going great. We are moving right along and Olivia is starting to get really excited. Her favorite thing so far is when we learned about cents! She thought it was cool that she could count EVEN MONEY!=) Sweet little thing.
Speaking of that lil' monkey. She's decided she's in love. They have plans to be wed. They are pretty cute, but it's made me decide that boys may very well be easier than girls. I have no hands-on experience with boys, but this little girl is going to give us trouble! HA!
Addison is sleeping in the "big girl" room! We moved her in there this weekend and the girls are all doing great with it. Now it'll take some getting used to with the girls not being able to play while she's sleeping and that sort of thing, but overall it's been a nice transition. It was a little sad when I started taking her nursery apart and started getting things things out for the new baby. She's such a bucket of love I just can't stand the thought of her not being my baby!! *Tear*
Emma Claire has decided that she doesn't want me to talk to her. I'm not really sure why, but she is determined that she's not going to carry on a conversation with me(IF SHE REMEMBERS OR DOESN'T NEED SOMETHING!). Gotta love that stubborn silent but deadly will of the second born...
Scotty and I are gearing up for a BUSY month. At this rate February will be here before we know it. Speaking of February. Don't forget to vote and comment on which you think it'll be!


Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Ideas

So, I thought I'd include a few ideas that I use in our house from time to time. Take em or leave em.=)
  1. Set the table for breakfast before you go to bed. This will save time the next morning and give you a little smile when you walk into the kitchen still sleepy and out of it the next morning.
  2. Put clothes in the closet in color order. We use ROY G BIV Pink, white, brown, black. When I put the clothes in it takes a little more time, but in the long run it saves so much time when looking for something to wear. It's a big hit for my color blind husband that needs help picking out clothes for the girls. It ALSO helps Olivia pick out things that are at least the same color. We let her pick out most of her own clothes...=)
  3. Always have everyone grab everything they've brought INTO the car when they get OUT. This keeps your car looking nice and clean all the time.
  4. When cleaning your house always go in the same order. For instance work in clockwise direction beginning in the same room each time. This will help things run smoothly and quickly.
  5. When cleaning a room always work from top to bottom.
  6. When cleaning a room make piles that need to go into other rooms, but don't take them until the room is finished. This will save LOTS of time and keep you from getting side-tracked.
  7. Spray air freshener before your husband comes home from work. He'll think you've been cleaning all day!=)
  8. Always make your bed before you leave your bedroom in the morning. You'll be so glad you did. I promise.
  9. Pick a day to run errands and make notes throughout the week so that you have a plan on errand day. Figure out the best rout and the best time to get things done fastest. Try to stay away from lunch time if possible. There is always so much traffic at that time of the day.
  10. Make your own invitations. You can make the cutest things by looking online at ideas then using the computer and a printer to make them. You'll love them and so will other people.=)

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Conway: Where All Your Dreams Come True!

So that title is a little much, but seriously. I've been LOVING being back in Conway these days.

Several years ago while I was in college at Central Baptist College I felt a calling to be involved in some sort of women's ministry. So much so that I typed up Bible Study invitations and attached Hershey's kisses to them and put them under the doors of every girl on campus. After a few weeks NO ONE had responded. My heart was broken, but I decided it just wasn't time yet and moved forward. Soon I got married and started having children and haven't really had time for anything for a while. After Scotty graduated from getting his Master's I knew we'd have time for me to get involved in something, but with a tiny infant at home I knew I needed to do something close to home.

I decided to look at my facebook and see if there would be some people that might be interested in doing a book club in my area. I sent out some invitations and to my surprise, people responded! We started our club with 5 people and read through a fantastic book on friendship that I would recommend to anyone interested in making your friendships deeper. I was amazed when the girls would show up every week and sit in my living room and look to me to lead the discussion on the book. I LOVED it! SO, after that group went so well I decided to start another club this summer. I invited a lot of new girls I wanted to get to know better and a few old friends that I hadn't seen in a while. We had the most fun ever this summer getting to know each other and reading another GREAT book. Last night we wrapped up the summer with a girls night out. We had such a wonderful time and I kept looking around me at all the wonderful friends God has FINALLY blessed me with thinking that my dream of having a women's ministry is FINALLY coming true. These girls had such a great time too and just watching their relationships with one another blossom and grow is amazing!! I'm so so thankful to facilitate this group of girls and would love to see this keep going!

We are about to start book club round three next week. If it's something you are interested in and you are in my area let me know and I'll get you some information. We are reading this book. We've heard it's good. It sure LOOKS like a good one. Anyway, for those who want to see them, a few pictures of my girlzz!

Monday, August 24, 2009

If It Only Folded Itself And Other Short-Cuts!

Today I was thinking about how nice it would be if laundry folded itself. Seriously. I actually enjoy WASHING the stuff. It's something about the sorting process, I guess, but the actual art of getting them washed isn't bad for me. Once they're washed though they usually sit in a pile on my bed all day until the girls are in bed and I can't lay down until I either fold them or throw them in the floor. Throwing them in the floor isn't an option either though, because I'm a little obsessive about only moving things one time and throwing them into the floor after they've been piled on my bed would make me nuts. Anyway, this all got me thinking about other things that I wished for a short-cut out of. Below you'll find my list.=)
  1. Plastics in the dishwasher being DRY on their own.

  2. Food being ready-made.

  3. Dust that evaporates. HA! This one is making me laugh. I HATE dust! And dusting.=)

  4. Showers that stay clean.

  5. Toilets that stay clean.

  6. Mail that puts it's self in the mail box in the morning.

  7. Diapers that change themselves.

  8. Beds that strip themselves. I didn't wish for this until we had potty trainers that wet the bed.=)

  9. Pictures that hang themselves.

  10. Weight loss without tears. And pain.

What would you wish for?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Even the Little Things

SO, I have to tell you a story! Actually, I'll just copy and paste the email I recently sent. If you don't know what the Rhea Lana sale is it's a consignment even that happens twice a year where consigners bring their kids stuff to sale. It's a great way to get cute clothes for CHEAP! My mom and I went yesterday to the pre-sale because my great friend Tina Fae gave me an extra pass!! Anyway, I was so excited about my buys I emailed the head boss lady herself, RHEA LANA! HA! Anyway, I'll just let you read it and see the picture below!

Hi! I just wanted to let you know what a blessing the Rhea Lana sale is to my family!

We are expecting our FOURTH child in early February. Our fourth child born in FIVE years! I'm sure you realize what an expense it is outfitting this tribe of Little's. In the past weeks we've been browsing online boutiques for a cute gender neutral baby bedding set for the new baby. After several weeks of looking, I locked in on one set in particular that I really liked. We decided that we needed wait to buy it (even though I was REALLY ready to buy and start setting up the room) because it was an added cost we weren't ready to take on quite yet.
Yesterday, before entering the sale, I prayed that God would allow us to find some good bargains so that I could be the best steward of our money. As I entered the sale I was blown away by the great items for sale and the time that must have gone in to the sale as a whole to make it such a high quality event. After looking through all the specialty stores, we went into the main sale and I went back to the bedding to look around at what was there. I started to cry when to my utter amazement I picked up, in a new package, the EXACT bedding set that only days before I was set on buying full-price at an expensive online boutique. The cost was a fraction of the price I would have paid. I snatched it up and shouted(out loud)PRAISE THE LORD!=) Those around me probably thought I was crazy! After shopping around for a while we faced the long(but worth it) line and I happily paid for my God-send baby bedding! I just wanted to thank you for making this opportunity possible for my family. I'm so thankful to you and your volunteer staff that was happy alongside me yesterday that I'd found such a jewel.
Thanks again!
Leslie Smittle

SO, wanna see it?

If the baby is a boy we are going to use royal blue and kelly green to go along with it. If it's a girl we'll use pink and red accents. I'm so excited about my good buy and seriously, feel so thankful that God gave me such a sweet blessing. He really does care about the little things in life too.

Cast ALL of your cares on Him. He cares for you. It's true.

I'm gearing up for another week of school. We also have a few other things going on. I'll be wrapping up our current book club and getting ready for the new one. There's still time for you to join us if you are interested. We'll be reading through the book "The New Eve" by Robert Lewis. Several of us have heard it's good, so we're going to check it out. Anyway, we meet on Tuesday's at 7. If you'd like to join us send me an email at smittlefamily at yahoo dot com and I'll get you some more information. I've also got to go pick up the pictures we recently had made. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Please keep Rachel and "Hannah" in your prayers. There are great things happening and I KNOW it's because there are people praying. Thanks so much!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Blue Skies Shining On Me

So, today has been a much better day. School went well. Lunch went well, and now my children are all sleeping while I catch up on television via Internet. Do you have a show that you love to watch?

Rachel is doing better. They let her go home from the hospital last night. She's on total bed rest, but seems to be doing OK. She's almost 37 weeks, so she's far enough along that the baby will probably be OK, but they really want to wait until she's at least 38 weeks.

Did I mention we had to take down our pool? I don't remember. Well, we did. It got a leak, the pump blew up and it got terrible algae. We try several times to fix issues, but we finally decided that it wasn't worth it and took it down. I think from now on we are going to stick to tiny pools and sprinklers.

I've got to start exercising again. Being pregnant isn't a reason not to be staying in shape. I'm just so tired!

Please pray for a sweet baby "Hannah." She's lived with the only father she's ever known for the last 6 years, and there was a ruling yesterday that requires her be placed back with her bio mom after not seeing her in almost a year. There are more details that I don't feel comfortable sharing, but please just lift her up and pray for safety and peace for her and her parents.

Addison got to feed herself pudding a few nights ago for the first time. She liked it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What Goes UP Must Come DOWN!

So, yesterday was euphoric. The girls were well behaved, the sun was shining, the day was bright, the learning was in full swing. Then, I went to bed at 9 last night.
I woke up around 5 to the sound of Emma Claire getting herself cleaned up from peeing in the bed. She went back to sleep for a while on her pull-out bed we've sat up for her while she's having potty issues. At 6 she came in to where Scotty was getting ready. To keep her from waking up her sisters I told him to put her in our bed since I was supposed to be up in 30 minutes anyway. 5 minutes later in walked Olivia "scared because Emma Claire wasn't in her room." Egads. So both enter the sleeping chamber of the queen and we lay there with them both flipping around on the bed. Finally I got up and decided to try and be nice. I took a loooong shower, made a nice oatmeal breakfast, and got the girls ready for the day. School got started and things were not going well. OK. It's raining we are all tired. I'm pregnant. I'm frustrated that my kids didn't sleep. My hair looks bad. My clothes are too big. Just finding everything WRONG with the day. We took a minute to try to start over with a prayer, but like I sang on Sunday, "Have you ever looked up and asked why, and the Father seemed not to reply. Your prayers seemed to not reach the sky." Yeah. That's how I was and really still am feeling. Good thing the rest of the line is "Know God's in control." Anyway, a bad day. There will be more. There will also be more euphoric days, I'm sure of it...
My cousin, Rachel is in the hospital. They are pretty sure they will take the baby this afternoon, but we aren't sure yet. We should know something by noon.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School! First Day of School!!

My beautiful big girl on her first day of school. It went really well for all of us. Addison actually took a nice nap and slept most of the time we were working. Emma Claire came in and out and took part in some parts of our learning but also sat quietly playing with blocks while we worked. Olivia, of course did great. I think she was just a little bored with some of the stuff we did today, but I thought it was important to start at the beginning so that we wouldn't pass something that she didn't know. I think in about two weeks we should be learning stuff she doesn't know(I HOPE)=) She's one smart cookie. Gotta love this sweet girl in her Back To School outfit she picked out on her own! So so sweet!!

Here both of the girls are making their snack into the letter "I." We used raisins and cheerios and pretzels to make Capital and "little" i. They LOVED this activity.

Emma Claire pushing Addison while we were playing outside this afternoon. They usually play really well unless Emma Claire tries to do something Addison doesn't like. Then they end up rolling around screaming on the floor. HA!

The girls playing(or in Addison's case EATING)chalk. Notice Olivia decided to draw "I" and "i". She wanted me to take her picture by it, but they ended up being upside down. Oh well.

Liv on her bike. She's ready for a bigger bike. She wants one with a Barbie bike too. We'll see...

Olivia in her Indian headband. She cut out her feathers. She'll need a little scissor practice, but she did a great job. She was really proud. Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE cutting things out!? I guess that's why she doesn't get much practice.

Me at 14 weeks. The baby is about the size of a Graham Cracker!=)

This is such a special picture to me! These are some of our best friends, Wes and Bailey. We don't get to see them very often because they live up in NWA. They are soul mates with us and we have SO much in common with them. As you can see we each have three kiddos, and are BOTH pregnant and DUE ON THE SAME DAY! We love getting to spend time with you, McGee's! Can't wait for you all to come down here!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Randomness on a Tuesday

  • I recently heard a story on K-Love(our christian radio station) that the Guiding Light was going off the air. I was a little thrown off about why they were covering the story on the radio, seeing how Guiding Light is a SOAP OPERA. They said the show, which has been going for 72 YEARS, began with a Christan message. Apparently the whole "guiding" light was a lantern placed in the fictional church window to welcome those seeking guidance. Hmmm...Anyway, I remember working my behind off in High school just so I could be finished with school in time to watch it every afternoon. I actually also have a childhood memory of "helping" my mom fold laundry while watching it every afternoon. I haven't seen it in YEARS as I haven't watched daytime television since college, but I'm PRETTY sure the message is no longer a Christian one...AnyWAY, farewell Guiding Light. Farewell, Reba!
  • I decided to eat cereal for lunch today because I just didn't think I could get anything else down today. I got everything ready and finally sat down to the computer to eat and surf. As I took my first bite I got milk all over the place. I guess, in my absent mindedness, I grabbed a fork instead of a spoon. Really doesn't work well with cereal. Oh, to have my full brain back. These kids, suck it right out of ya, I tell you! If it's true that with each child some of your brain cells die I'll be brain dead by 30.
  • I've been thinking about writing a will, speaking of being dead. Geez! We don't have much, but I'd like to have something in writing as far as the kids go so that people don't try to fight for them. Hey, they're cute, smart kids, who wouldn't want them. Anyway, I need to get on that and get something in place just in case. Do any of you have one? How'd you do it?
  • Emma Claire has decided that she is 6. I have NO clue where this came from, but she is DETERMINED that she is NOT 2, she's SIX! She argued with me the other day that she did indeed need school supplies and a back to school outfit because she was 6 and she was going to be going to school. Ah, kids...
  • Please be in prayer for my cousin, Rachel. She's 36 weeks pregnant and is sporting a pretty high BP along with a few heart rate spikes from the baby at her last stress test. Rachel also has a rare blood disease, so the complications that go with that put her at a pretty high risk. Just pray that all will go well and that baby Harrison will stay put until he is good and ready and that Rachel's BP will go down and she'll maintain her current blood count.
  • My brother is officially a marine. He was sworn in yesterday afternoon. He scored really well on all the entrance exams, so he's really excited about a new opportunity. I'm glad for him. He's needed some kind of change in his life for a while. I'm praying this is a great one for him and it puts him on a good path for the rest of his life.
  • Don't watch the movie "Be Kind, Rewind." It's terrible. Jack Black at his WORST!
  • My house is clean, my dishes are washed, my laundry is folded, my kids are sleeping. It's time for some me time. Hollah!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Update(Because I haven't blogged about them in a while)


  • Starts school this Wednesday.

  • Is scared of just about everything.

  • Likes PB&J more than anything else in the world(she had never had one until this summer).

  • Moved up to the Kindergarten class yesterday at church.

  • Is now wearing a size SIX!! Well, sometimes. I don't know what we'll do about pants this fall, because 5's are too small and 6's are about 8 inches too long.

  • Bosses her sisters like a mad woman.

  • LOVES to hold Addison's hand and make her walk around the house.

  • Is interested in horse back riding.

  • Has started holding her breath under water and thinks it's the coolest thing in the world.

  • Has to have her hair braided every night before bed because it's so long that it gets tangled around her arms if we don't.

Emma Claire

  • Still had that knot on her head, but we're not worried about it. It's getting slightly smaller, but still pretty big. It's normal. She's fine. She does call herself a "weal knot head" though, which makes me laugh pretty much every time she says it. Her pop calls her that all the time, but she thinks it's funny that she really does have one now.

  • Is getting the most beautiful hair on any child. Seriously, the child has some beautiful locks.

  • Occasionally keeps her panties dry through the night. She's been fine off and on, right now is an off time. She's been trained forever, she just still pees a TON at night.

  • Is really really smart. I think she'll probably be reading by the end of the year. Sister has a good brain in that big head!

  • Is really hoping we have a baby boy. She told me we have "too many gers."

  • Is about to catch her big sister in shoe sizes. That girl has some feet, I tell ya.

  • Thinks it's hysterical to lay on top of people or things. She particularly loves to lay on Addison. Yes, Addison screams at her and usually claws her to death, but for some reason, EmC still thinks it's funny. Go figure.

  • Is really daft about some things. I mentioned earlier that she's really smart. Maybe she'll be one of those genius people with no common sense.

  • Doesn't eat very much, but is completely obsessed with food and food times. She talks about food ALL DAY LONG.

  • Is a tough cookie, but a real girly girl. Not many people see this, but she loves to look pretty and smell pretty, and BE pretty.=)


  • Is walking and trying to run EVERYWHERE.

  • Will shake her head yes to answer just about any question.

  • Signs lots of words.

  • Has 6 teeth and 6 on the way out. Seriously, she's about to double her tooth amount.

  • Just started shaking her head no, but she shakes her whole body and usually knocks herself down doing it!

  • Will hold her ears and scream. LOUD.

  • Calls her lovey "dis." I think it's because we say, "Do you want this?"

  • Eats like a growing teenage boy.

  • Loves to sing and play the piano.

  • Isn't the nicest child in our family. She seems a little violent with her sisters. I'm not sure if it's because they've asked for it or if she's just not going to be very nice.=)

The Parentials

  • Are doing well.

  • I'm finally feeling a bit better. Smells still bother me a lot and I'm still not able to eat some things, but overall I'm loving the second trimester!

  • Find out in a few short weeks if the baby is a boy or a girl!!! There will be a poll later.

  • Scotty is loving his job these days. I like it too. I love the fact that HE loves it though.

  • About to start a new book in book club. I'd love to have you join in if you live in my area! Let me know if you're interested.

  • Are BUSY getting things ready for school this week!!

OK. Enough bullet points! Hope this fills you in on our family for now. Taa-taa.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A few Smittle Recipes

So, I've had a few requests for recipes, so I figured the easiest way to get them out was to put them here and let the people come to me!=)

Chicken con Queso
3-4 Chicken breasts skinned and de-boned
2lbs. Velveeta cheese
1 can Cheddar cheese soup
1 can rotel(we always put it through the food processor so it won't be chunky)
Tortilla chips for dipping

Sear chicken until golden brown(usually use a little olive oil, salt, and garlic).
While chicken is cooking cut Velveeta into chunks and place in a microwave-safe bowl.
Add in Cheddar cheese soup.
Pour rotel over cheese mixture.
Microwave, stirring every two minutes until mixture is smooth and creamy.
Cut chicken into pieces or strips.
Fold chicken into mixture.
Serve warm with tortilla chips.

I usually also serve my homemade salsa with it, SO.

Homemade Salsa
1 large can of whole tomatoes
1 can rotel
salt, garlic salt, and/or garlic to taste

Blend all ingredients in blended. Chill. Serve with chips.

Easy Skillet Chicken Parmesan(A Little Smittle Favorite)
3T Parmesan cheese
3/4 cup pasta sauce of your choice
3 boneless chicken breast halves
3/4 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

Stir 2T Parmesan into pasta sauce.
Spray skillet with no-stick spray or coat with oil or butter. Heat one minute.
Add Chicken and brown.
Pour pasta sauce over chicken, turning chicken to coat entire surface.
Cover pan. cook over medium heat for 10 min. or until done.
Top with moz. cheese and remainder 1T of parm. cheese.
Let stand until cheese has melted.
Serve with pasta.(we usually use Angel hair or spaghetti)

I LOVE tilapia. We've grilled it and baked it, but this is my favorite. It can also be cooked in a zip-N-steam bag in a mater of minutes. I would recommend the Glad brand, as food doesn't seem to dry out as much with those. AND they're bigger. The following recipe is for oven baking, but you can mostly follow this with the bags as well.

Easy Baked Tilapia
3t butter
4-4oz tilapia
1/4 cavender's seasoning
1/4t garlic salt
1/2t garlic(can just increase garlic salt if you don't keep garlic)
1 lemon(you can also just use lemon juice. this is what we usually do. Esp with the bags)
1/2 small pkg broccoli
1/2 small pkg cauliflower
Salt and pepper to taste.

Preheat oven to 375
Grease dish(we always just use low fat butter)
Place Tilapia in dish and dot with butter.
Season with Cavender's and garlic.
Top each piece with lemon slices.
Arrange frozen veg. around and season.
Cover and bake for 25-30 minutes.
Serve with white rice.

I Feel Sure of One Thing

Yesterday I woke up at the crack of dawn to ready myself for being at church at 7:30 for praise team practice. Unsure of what I should wear because of my ever growing early baby bump, I decided on a long black frock that would at least cover the bruises on my somewhat unshaven legs. I did have to use the nail file to erase the traces of mud under my toe nails from walking in our back yard to try to find out where water was leaking from our pool(obviously since the water was down so low that the pump was unable to move water and burned up!) the night before. I am feeling like a giant truck ran through my sinus cavity from being up in NW Arkansas for a few days, but thinking that with the help of a little sudafed(don't worry. It's safe for the babe.) I'll feel at least good enough to make it through both services. I get to church, practice, and sing pretty terribly in both services due to the fact that my head feels so terrible and my ears won't stop popping. God knows I gave my best. I'm just hoping that I didn't hurt others ears.=)
I came home and made a mediocre lunch for my family(cheese quesadilla's and homemade salsa). I finally got the chili peppers to eat their lunch and go potty and got them into bed for a nap. I then found a comfy spot on the recliner and fell asleep. When I woke up two hours later I felt worse instead of better, but fought past it and started getting things ready for our churches fellowship last night. Scotty and Olivia made some brownies for the event, then we had a nice grilled dinner(thanks to my sweet husband), got everyone ready, and headed to the pool for the church fellowship.
We got there and had lots of fun with family and friends, and then, the moment we'd been praying for since we found out we were pregnant for the FIRST time happened. Scotty had the honor of baptizing Olivia in front of our friends and family.
There are many things that I am unsure about. My health, the health of my unborn baby, the health of my children and husband, my job as a wife, my job as a mother. There is, however, something I am sure about. My Sweet Olivia's salvation. Yes, she is very young, but she is also very wise about things. Since she was a baby she's wanted to know about God and all things dealing with salvation. It seemed to blossom after her first Vacation Bible School where she heard her first "Come to Jesus" sermon. She came home wanting to know all about hell and had a steady concern for her being with Jesus in heaven. At first we tried to only give her a little info, because we didn't think she was really ready to accept Jesus as her savior yet, but she was insistent that she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart. Finally we grilled her and she got every answer right. We've been working through these with her and I think this also has had something to do with her feeling the need for the salvation Jesus can bring her. Anyway, about three weeks ago, she asked Jesus into her heart in our living room with us holding her hands. As she prayed her own prayer to her new savior her voice started to break and tears streamed down her cheeks. It was such a pure moment, not forced by us at all. We had made sure not to create an emotional atmosphere, so her tears in the moment were so sweet and beautiful. After she prayed she wanted to tell the world about her decision, and the next day she was so excited and had so much excited energy. After her decision, we talked to her about baptism, and at first she was a little nervous, but after a little thought and practice holding her breath in the pool she said she was ready and we signed her up for baptism at the fellowship at the pool. After talking about it we asked her who she'd like to baptize her and she said she wanted Scotty to do it. We talked with our pastor, and set everything up for last night. As I watched Scotty baptize her last night I was SURE Olivia knew what she was doing. As she came out of the water and took her goggles off(her only request was that she could wear goggles) there were tears in her eyes as she told Scotty, "I did it! I'm so proud of myself!" She's been telling everyone about her decision to ask Jesus into her heart. Even the people at the check out counter at Sam's know that Olivia is NOW a Christian.=) So, there are a lot of uncertainties in life, but this much is SURE, my baby girl will be with me in heaven.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Put it on Paper and it's Real

So, yesterday we went to the ol' HoJo for a demonstration of the A Beka curriculum. We were the first people there, so we got all the time we needed and wanted. The girls sat and watched the video samples while Scotty and I looked at everything and worked out all the numbers. After about an hour we were sure we were making the right choice and walked out the proud owners of the A Beka kindergarten curriculum. Then, last night I attended my first homeschool meeting and joined! SO, it's on paper. We're homeschooling!
After the meeting last night I felt so sure we'd done the right thing. I knew there was a long road ahead of us, but we are so so excited! Now I just can't wait for it to come in so that we can have our first day of school.
We also had an appointment yesterday with my OB. Everything is looking perfect and we were able to hear the sweet baby heartbeat. I told the doctor it sounded like a boy!=) Five more weeks until we find out if Little Smittle #4 is a boy or a girl!! We'll be happy either way, but I have to be honest that I'm hoping for a boy this time. Olivia has been praying EVERY day for it to be a boy because we have, "too many girls in this house."