Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Manly Got Fresh Beats

So, anyone who actually knows Manly would be pretty surprised to know that other than classic rock, my man LOVES hip hop and rap. HA! It makes me laugh out loud to think about him thumping down the interstate listening to MC Paydough or Manchild or whatever in the world "artist" he happens to be in love with at the moment. When I first met him he drove THIS:

He'd come busting around the corner of our Baptist private college thumpin Baby Got Back with pride. Wowzah! Times have changed SLIGHTLY. Ha! I bet we could fit all the kids in that beast though...
ANYWAY, from time to time, in order to try to SWAY our children to like his music choice he slips free downloads he finds into their music basket. I should take this time to mention that NONE of the kids have EVER liked listening to his music. They do, however, like MY music choices and this erks him to no end. I digress...
Recently, in another effort to gain a following with the kids, he brought an unmarked CD that he found somewhere(who knows where) that is children's songs the kids love, only it's the HYSTERICAL hip hop version. After doing my research for this blogpost I've discovered it's actually several songs taken from the Baby Jamz vol.1 album. SO, if you are a closet hip hop fan like Manly, you be sure to look that up...
SO, the point to this post is that my children have taken a liking to this particular CD. Espesially my KK. That girl will listen to this cd over and over again. Standing right at the player she'll listen for all the words then go around singing them. My sweet Lulu has even started singing to words to the songs. Today she said there was one that was good for me to here because it went with what people always said to us. I said, "Oh yeah. What song is that?" She says, "The Old Lady the Lives in a Shoe!" She goes on to say that I need to hear it and see what I think.

Needless to say I DIED laughing when I heard the line, "How many children she got? Oh man! Whoa! That's a lot!" HAHAHA! SO, Manly might have won this round, but only because the children could relate.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Uhh, Aren't You Supposped to be ASLEEP?

One day without our regular nap schedule=Tough, but managable

Two days without our regular nap schedule=Wild, loud, and cranky, but still OK by the end of the day.

Three days without our regular nap schedule=Louder and crazier than a rodeo after dark. Feeling the need to buy some of those nerf looking earplugs. Remembering day one and wishing it was here instead

Four days without our regular nap schedule=Thinking about getting my iron skillet out and whomping someone with it like on those old fashioned cartoons.

We aren't going anywhere or doing anything tomorrow just so I can get these little darlings back in shape. In their deffense it isn't their fault, just a coincidence that it's been half a week since we've had our normal sleeping schedule. Summer is a busy time. I'm thinking it's time to hole up and rest for a while...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Introducing: Home Brewed Smittle

I know you've all been anxiously awaiting news from our side of the street for quite some time. I know this, because I can't go a day without someone asking me if I'm pregnant again yet. So, the time is now.
As of today, Sunday, June 24th 2012, I am 4 weeks pregnant.
I found out on Friday that we're going to make our crew an even half dozen. I've decided to journal the journey of my pregnancy and delivery so that those of you who read(all 24 of you) can see what a "home brewed" pregnancy is like. Fell free to comment with questions or thoughts, but if you aren't interested, DON'T read. I'll plan to update things each Sunday. Below is entry #1:

Week 4. 36 to go.
SO, we're pregnant! Everyone is very excited. Especially the two biggest girls and me. This baby will be KK's "buddy," so she is especially excited about that. We told our parents today, and as always, I told my BFF, so now, I guess we're telling the world! Ha! I have no worried going to to this pregnancy as far as doign another home birth. I feel so at ease with it after Mia's delivery. When we found out we were going to have another baby it wasn't even discussed. I have plans to call the midwife tomorrow to discuss our first meeting. I'm excited to see them again, and looking so forward to going through pregnancy again.
I am planning to start my prenatals and vitaminC tonight. They make me very sick, so I do prenatal right before bed with a small glass of milk. The vitaminC does wonders for you AND your baby, so I'll plan to take those throughout the pregnancy.
 I'm a wee bit concerned at the routine dental x-rays I had earlier this week, but according to the dentist there is very minimal radiation with the new digital x-ray machine they have...
I've already been very queasy, but haven't actually gotten sick yet, which is a nice bonus. My first clue I was pregnant was my crazy tears at watching a Disney movie with the kids. What in the world?? Ha! I've also been REALLY tired.
Baby Center says that the baby is the size of a poppyseed.

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Boy Will Be a Man

It's hard for me to believe that my dirt-loving boy will someday be a man. I want to freeze each moment with him right now.
He's learning so much each day. He says new things each day. He's rough and tough and still cries just as much as my girls did at this age.

He's totally blown my mind as far as what to expect from a boy! He cracks me up and gets me frustrated. He's just a joy and such a handsome little boy.
He's currently working on loving and protecting his sisters. Ha! Sometimes he has a hard time keeping his hands(and teeth) to himself.
Someday he'll lead his family just like his dad. He'll make me proud and he'll be such a blessing to his family.
His dad is setting such a great example for him. I'm so blessed to have a manly man that will teach his son to love God and others.
I know he'll grow up loving to laugh too. HA!

I think he'll be a mighty fine catch someday!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pool Treats!

If you've been reading my blog long you know I have a love affair with www.Superhealthykids.com. If you haven't ever gone to their site take a minute and give it a look. There are so many sites out there that brag about having simple snacks and meals, but this site ACTUALLY has them. You can go there and get meal plans too! So so cool. This week they sent me an email on poolside snacks! You know those littles get so hungry playing outside. Fast yummy snacks are a MUST! Here are some of their ideas. I'm only listing the ones I've already tried. Go here for more.
  • Banana Boats Cut a banana in half lengthwise and spread with peanut butter. Then sandwich back together for less of a mess!  
  • Boiled Eggs and Veggie Sticks Packed full of protein, boiled eggs are easy to transport and filling. Veggie sticks are a given – by themselves, or great dipped in hummus for a little extra oomph!
  • Frozen Grapes Sweet, refreshing, and delicious! Never frozen grapes before? It is so easy.
  • Muffins Who says muffins are just for breakfast? Packed full of healthy carbohydrates, they are the perfect pool snack to give your kids lots of energy. Make them ahead, freeze them and then pull a few out for your next trip to the pool.
  • Homemade Lunchable
    Cheese, turkey, whole-grain crackers and your favorite fruit. Great for a pool-side snack or lunch!
  • Trail Mix I love this one because you can use anything you have on hand. Especially if you are almost out of several things. Just put them all together for a fun trailmix. I PROMISE your kids will love it!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A New Creation

Want a cute idea for learning and snacking? Well, OK...

Apple Caterpillars. Made from Apple slices, craisins, and pretzel sticks. Can be placed in  yogurt if you wanted, but I just gave them to my kids like this.

AND, Banana Butterflies! Aren't they SO cute! Banana's, raisins, pretzel sticks, and "pirate pretzels"(That's what my kids call them for some reason!)

These take NO time to put together. You could even get things ready and let your kids put them together for added fun. My kids get a little hungry between our early breakfast and mid-day lunch, so I've been giving them a small fruit snack around 10. This is just perfect because it doesn't fill them to the point where they won't eat lunch, but it's enough to pass the time until lunch.



 This is also a great time to share a lesson on the caterpillar and it's journey to becoming a butterfly. If you have a bug box try to find a caterpillar to stay inside and watch. If you don't want to take it that far look at books from the library or pictures from google on caterpillars and butterflies. Kids LOVE learning about interesting bugs and the like. Take your books outside and let them search for butterflies and match pictures with the REAL thing. Let the kids make a list of what they saw and draw pictures of their own. Even the tiny babes can get in on drawing pictures!
Don't forget to take the lesson one step further by bringing in 2 Corinthians 5:17(in the New International Readers Version, which is our favorite version for kids): "Anyone who believes in Christ is a new creation. The old is gone! The new has come!" What a beautiful picture of what Christ has done for us. Because He gave HIS life for US, WE are a new creation. Just like the butterfly, the old has gone, the NEW has come!
Enjoy. Remember, this is your life, soak up every moment.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Take ME Out

While I wish this post was about a hot date Manly and I had, sadly, it is not. It IS however a post about baseball. Ha! Every year Manly's company sponsors a family night with our local minor league baseball team. It's always REALLY hot and basically miserable for this non-game-lovin mother of 5. BUT, it's always worth it for the kids. Here are a few pics. None of the actual game, as I really didn't care if it was the blue team or the white team I was supposed to be rooting for! Ha!
Take me out to the BALLL-GAME!

Take me OUT with the CROWD! 

Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks(or hotdogs in our case)!

I don't care if we ever get back!


If they don't win it's a SHAME!

For it's ONE!




Take me out with the crowd!