Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Manly Man's Post

No, not letting my man have free reign on my blog today. He'd be posting on something he recently read on some random man blog or something he heard on NPR that, in my opinion, is unlikely to be true, but what do I know...
I thought I'd give him his own little post today because, well, I was thinking about him and had a few pictures I wanted to share anyway.

Lots of people ask me why I call Scotty "Manly Man." I started calling him this about a year ago because "Big Boy" was causing a scene while we were in public. I had also started calling Isaiah "Big Boy" so I felt like I needed a more appropriate name for Scotty. I like nicknames, so I rarely call him Scotty unless he's in big trouble. Ha! He's always singing that silly song from two and a half men. You know the one, "Men men men men, menly men men men. meeeeeeen..." We've never watched the show, but he'd heard the song and because he likes to sing like a woman he'd go around the house singing in his falsetto voice. One day I said, "You are such a manly man." and it stuck. He's likely to kill me for saying he sings like a woman around the house. Oh well, he does. It's true...

Manly is, indeed, manly. He's turned out to be the best father and a fantastic husband. He always tries to do whats best for his family and would rather be home with us than just about anywhere else. Scotty is great at his job. He works as a Behavior Therapist for UAMS. Working specifically with preschoolers aged birth-5 with special needs. He's also recently been chosen to serve on a new project that's just started in Arkansas called Court Teams. It's a great program that focuses on reunification of parents with their children. He also serves as a chairman of a committee for the Arkansas Association for Infant Mental Health and regularly does speaking engagements for behavior and parent child playgroups across the state. One night a week he teaches psychology courses for a degree completion program at Central Baptist College. With his main job he travels around the state to the different clinics, but he always tries his best to be home for dinner. There are times he gets up really early to make it to a clinic early to get his work finished so that he can get back by dinner.

He's strong in faith, gentle in spirit, and brave at heart. I love the man he's become and will, indeed continue to become. God has big things ahead for this manly man!

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  1. Aww, I like this post! Scotty was such a good kid in High School, but it's so nice to see what a good man he's become. And... so funny... my hubby breaks out into song (usually in a feminine voice) ALL the time and gets up early so he can get home earlier everyday too! We are lucky to have good men in our lives : )