Friday, April 27, 2012

A Bloglift

I'm going to be working on updating my blog with fresh pictures. Pardon the mess.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

UH, I'm on Pinterest

So, I hadn't logged into my blog site for a while and I decided to check in tonight and post a quick picture. When I logged on I was a little worried because I saw that my stats seemed REALLY high. After checking it out I realized that it was because someone had posted my blessing and if then charts to pinterest! I have no idea how all of that works, and I've never even had an account! Anyway, if you are joining us from pinterest, WELCOME to our Smittle world!
ANYWAY, our local Chick-fil-a sponsered a daddy/daughter date night. Any time that Manly has an excuse to go to CFA he'll take it, and making it a daddy/daughter date made it perfect for him. Here is a picture of them before they left.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Happy "Smittle" Easter

I'll let these pictures(and captions) speak for themselves.
My littles all dressed up for Easter. I just loved this dress! I found the first one at Rhea Lana's, then got the others from different sellers on ebay. Such lucky finds!

Our Family 2012. Such a blessed girl, am I.

I love this one of the kids. They are so sweet and happy!

The seersucker boys!

The girls. Whoa. That's a lot of yellow...

After pictures the kids changed and played with chalk.

They were SO excited to meet their new cousin, Korbyn!! 
Manly got his first chance to love on Korbyn. I think he looks hot with a baby. Don't you?

My sweet Addi going to hunt eggs!

Bubby putting eggs in. He wanted to stop and open each one.

I LOVED this sweet moment. Mia had been asleep, but woke up and saw the baby and kept looking at him. I sat down in the chair and let her hold him. She LOVED him. She was so quiet and sweet with him. When I tried to give him to someone so that I could get up she reached out for him and wanted to hold him again. So so sweet!

Lulu got her chance too!

Silly Mia caught red handed blue mouthed eating chalk and trying to climb on top of the toy grill.

Bubby in a tree. Whoa!

AND, Mia is ELEVEN months old!!
I can't believe it! My BABY is 11 months old!
She makes this irritated look most of the time now. HA! Cracks me up. Silly girl!