Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brother Bear is Getting BIG!

I can't believe that next week Isaiah will be four months old. He is turning out to be such a joyful child! He's also trying to crawl, which is a hoot since he's so small. He's pretty good at it though. It's so different for me having a boy after three girls. People ask me that a lot. Is is different having a boy? The answer is yes. I'm not really sure why, but for whatever reason this time around baby boy has me wrapped around his little finger. Scotty has always had this feeling about the girls, but for me it's a first. I could just sit and hold him all day! He has a lot of nicknames, but mostly we call him brother bear.
Here are some recent pictures of my sweet boy.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Here today, gone tomorrow

Life is SHORT. You never know if tomorrow is a day you'll see. People die in car crashes, freak accidents, and heart attacks every day. Children die of diseases that we don't have cures for, mothers die in child birth. The list goes on and on. God has given us THIS moment to live and love though. We have to learn to take advantage of every last drop of life.
Yesterday was senior appreciation Sunday at church. We walked into a mostly full auditorium with the oldest two kids and found a seat near the back with some of our friends. As the service began I got comfy with my girls and the manly man and after singing a few unfamiliar songs we sat down to watch the senior slide show. Oooohs and aaaahs could be heard throughout the crowd as the pictures flashed on the screen. The classic giant glasses in 4th grade, our family at Disney, wicker chair photos all passed me without too much emotion minus a few snickers about how much children's fashion has changed.
Then, it happened. Amid the pictures, our oldest daughter(who recently graduated herself-FROM KINDERGARTEN!) looked up at me and laughed about one of the pictures. This shouldn't have been a big deal, but suddenly I was all tears thinking about the fact that if I blink she'll be one of the seniors being "appreciated." She'll be grown and my duty as her full-time mother will end. Even now, thinking about it makes me tear up!
I won't lie. The life of a stay at home mother of four is HARD. It has it's ups and downs, but for the most part it's a 24/7 job that never gets vacations or sick days. Don't start feeling sorry for me though, because what you don't see is the pay. This is the single most rewarding job I've ever had. For whatever reason, God has decided to reward me with being a mother and raising these amazing kids. And they are amazing, by the way. Yes, I'm their mother, but ask anyone who knows them and they'll tell you. Yes, they are active, and at times out of control, but I have great kids.
I was reminded yesterday to squeeze every drop out of every moment I have with them. It's my responsibility to take EVERY advantage to teach them about our savior and what He's done for them. I want to teach them to love the unlovely, to take care of each other, to be their best, and to love me and their dad as their leaders who have been put here on earth to take care of them. I want to have fun with my kids. I want them to know I did my best. Especially now, while they are young, I want to soak them up and let them soak up my love, AND in turn Christ's for them.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I don't do domestic animals. Those words sound crazy together to me. I just don't like hair, dander, drool, smells, poop, pee, cat boxes, scratches. It just grosses me out. These little dears just don't know it though. Either that or they think that it's funny to taunt me!
My sister is a modern day cat lady. She has three cats, and I'm telling you that every time I sit down those things try to jump into my lap. It always scares me a little...
This past weekend we were at my cousin's house for a Mother's Day get together. She and her husband have two small dogs. Heather, if you read this, I love you, but I just don't like the snorty doggies.=) Anyway, one of the dogs, Zoe or Chloe', I can't keep up, always comes and licks on me and snorts on my toes. Makes me want to gag every time.
Today, I was taking the girls to the park for playgroup and as I was crossing over the bridge to get to the park I saw a big black dog. Giant is a better describing word for this dude. As soon as I pulled in that thing came bolting at my van and WOULD NOT move out of the way. I slammed on my horn and tried to get it to run off, but nothing worked. When we pulled into our parking spot it sat down as if to say, "Welcome Home, Smittles! Welcome Home!" Addison is terrified of Dogs, so she refused to even get out of the van until I could scare the dang thing off. So here I am yelling and stomping at some random stray park dog in front of my mommy friends. Yeah, I was looking like an idiot.
So, the moral of the story is that I don't do animals. Though they love me. I don't love them. Ever.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oscar has NOTHING on ME!

Ever had a day where you just can't get out of a funk? You know, nothing is right, and everything seems to irritate you? No? You haven't? It's just me? Well, I'm having one of those months and there seems to be no end in sight!
I have the life I've always wanted. NOTHING to complain about. I have a wonderful home, beautiful kids, a hard working husband, a wonderful church home, and the best friends ever. Seriously, my life ts full to the brim. SO what's the deal?
I've been working really hard on my temper lately. I'm a fly off the handle kind of girl. A yeller by nature and honestly just not very nice. Anyway, for the past several weeks I've tried to hold my tongue, stop raising my voice, and be a little nicer to those around me. SO, I guess the trade off for me being a nice girl is me being a grouch. Ehh, what are you gonna do?!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gotta start somewhere!

So, I keep having people ask when I'm going to start blogging again and to their question I say, "Maybe when I have a little more time." Well, I've decided that's never going to happen and if I want to blog I'm just going to have to make time for it. SO, here it goes. We'll see how long it lasts. I kept thinking I needed to wait for this or that, but I've decided you've just gotta start somewhere.
To get us all back on the same page I thought I'd give you some family updates:
  • I decided about a month or so ago that I wasn't taking enough time for myself, so I've been trying to take time to put on make-up, fix my hair, and pick out clothes that match. This is at times very difficult to do with four kids running around and being the needy little crumb grabbers that they are, but I've seen that if I take a few minutes for myself our day goes much better.
  • Scotty is doing great. He's started teaching adult degree completion classes at a local university. He loves it and seems to be pretty good at it. He's also been doing a lot of presentations and training seminars on behavior in kids with special needs. He's great at what he does. We are hoping that this is the year we will take the first step towards him having a private practice.
  • Olivia just finished her first year of school! She's so smart! She's reading like a champ. It makes me so proud! She's such a caring child. I love her sweet spirit. She's sometimes a little emotional, but what girl isn't, really?
  • Emma Claire is a handful of laughter. The girl LOVES to sing and will "do praise team" for just about anyone who will listen. She's a little hard to understand when she talks, but she knows exactly what she wants and needs and is sure to try to get it.
  • Addison is the sweetest snuggle bug in the world. She is completely potty trained! I call her my pretty potty prodigy. She's kind of a pest to her sisters, but really a sweet kid.
  • Since it's been FOREVER since I posted you don't even know about my little guy, Isaiah! He was born towards the end of January and the new love of my life.=) Sweet heart baby boy is a dream child. Sleeps like a pro and nurses every 3-4 hours during the day. He is trying to scoot around and seems to be teething early. He laughs, coos, and smiles at us anytime he's awake. Just a bundle of joy. I now know how Scotty felt when the girls were born and his heart melted into the palm of their hands. There's something about having a boy!
So, that's an update. Let me know if there is anything I didn't cover that you want to know. Maybe in another 6 months I'll post again...