Tuesday, July 31, 2012

KK stwikes again

So, since KK was old enough to speak, she's been talking with a speech impediment. It's not too thick to understand most of the time, but sometimes it's REALLY hard to understand certain sounds and words. We had her tested for therapy a few years ago and they said she was too young and would grow out of most of it, but now that she's starting school in the fall we are certain it's time to have her tested again and get her some help. All that being said, I thought I'd share a little story from tonight.
Scotty was getting the little girls out of the bathtub and KK says, "OH! Dad! Is that a 'horsey balls' shirt?" pointing at his shirt that looks like this only just says ARKANSAS.

Not really sure what to say Scotty replies, "Uhh, what?"
KK, "HOR-SEE BALLS! Horsey Balls! Is it a horsey balls shirt?"
Scotty pauses..."Uhh...no."
Olivia, "HAHAHA! DAD! She's saying HERSHEY'S BARS!"
Olivia comes in and tells me, then says, "Mom. Would you rather have...horsey balls(which she later called horse poop not...what you are thinking) or...Hershey's Bars? HA! THAT is SO GROSS!"
Sweet old KK. That girl does always have food on her mind!

Play Like a Child!

Scotty's latest article You'll want to check it out if you have kids, teach kids, or are ever around kids. That should cover the bases. Just in case you needed proof that he knows what he's talking about. Here are a few pics of Manly being...a GREAT dad!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Home Brewed Smittle: Week 9. 31 to go.

No new news today. This phase is pretty boring as far as things staying the same. I still feel pretty terrible. I still haven't started seeing my midwife.  Babycenter says my baby LOOKS more like a baby this week. I guess that's new. Ha! At about an inch long, he/she is about the size of a grape. AND, it says that the baby has tiny earlobes! One of my favorite things about newborns are their sweet little ears. Oh, how I love me some newborn babies! I'm praying this week for energy and strength for myself.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Home is Where Your Pictures Hang!

Stepping foot in my home proves two things: 1. I think my kids are beautiful. 2. I love to take pictures of them.
My home is not decorated as nicely as I'd love for it to be, but one thing is clear as you look at the walls of our home. We love these precious babies the Lord has given us.
I love the sweet personal feel hanging snapshots gives to a home. You can do this in a cheap easy way, or go all out with expensive boutique frames and expensive professional prints. Either way, family photos tell the story of the family who lives in the home.
Here are a few of the photo displays in my home.

This is the view from our front door. I love that if we have the blinds open you can see these pictures from the road. It makes me smile to come home at night and see the lamp on and the pictures shining. So many memories on this wall. Some are snapshots, some are professional, some are old-fashioned JCPenney pictures from 2004! I love it when guests come in and go straight to see all the memories caught on this wall.

Another view of the pics. I used all sorts of frames, and I think id adds to the look. Having all the same frame would work too, or having all black or silver or something, but having a hodge podge just really makes it more about the pictures instead of the frames.

This is at the bottom of the stairs.

This display is in the foyer right inside the door. These are also Lulu pics.
Some of my all-time favorites of the kids.

These frames were bought all second hand from Goodwill and Salvation Army and spray painted the same color. I love this display of our Lulu pics.

This is one of my favorites. I wanted a pretty jewelry box, but didn't want to take up a lot of space with it. Several years ago Manly found this one and it's just perfect! It hangs in the foyer of my bathroom. The pictures inside are from our 5 year anniversary. I took them myself with a tripod and a camera timer!

A peek inside. Yes, everything is in color order. What of it? Ha!

I found this wicker shelf on a curb alert! Yes, for free. I just added pics.

So that's a "snapshot" inside our home and how we do pictures.
If you're visiting from Kelly's Korner come back and stay a while!
Be sure you check out my "Home Brewed Smittle" series.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I love summer time for lots of reasons, but lets face it, my favorite reason is VBS!! I may sound terrible, but for this mother of 5 littles VBS provides me with free wholesome childcare for about 5 mornings at a time. AND, the kids LOVE it!!
This week, Lulu is part of a musical camp that will have performances this weekend. She's so excited to be part of a dance team on one of the songs.
Here are a few pics from the last few weeks.
The most popular VBS this year is Amazing Wonders Aviation.
They've already been to this one twice.

KK and Addi singing with the preschool class.

Addison kept stopping and smiling at the camera instead.

Olivia singing with the big kids. She was hard to see behind the prop.

The girls ready for church in their adventure week shirts! This one has been their favorites so far.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Holy Sidewalks, Batman! There's a TRACTOR In Our Yard!

So, our little hometown has FINALLY decided it's a good idea to install sidewalks in our neighborhood. We are so glad! Each day during the school year there are about 15 kids that walk through our yard when they get off the bus. They tend to cause a scene and speak so vulgarly that most of the time we end up having to go inside any time they come through. I don't mean to be un-neighborly, but it's not something I want my kids to be exposed to. Especially not in my own yard!I know the sidewalk isn't going to end that, but at least they'll have a straight shot through the yard and it might speed things up a bit. ANYWAY, while they were working on the sidewalk they left their TRACTORS in our yard. My sweet sweet Bubby sat at the window day and night watching them, so one evening Manly took him out to see them. He was in HEAVEN. Here are the pics to prove it. Now, don't go telling the city!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dude, My Shorts are on FIRE!

So, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned on here before, but we have pizza and a movie night on Friday nights. Scotty works late on Friday's, so it's a special treat for the kids and I to relax, not cook, and watch a fun family film.
Because of my morning, evening, and night sickness these days, a $5 pizza sounded about as tempting to eat as a wet dog, so after I picked the kids up a pizza I headed over to my favorite salad place, US Pizza. When I got back into the car with the food Lulu said she smelled something that smelled like it was burning. Not skipping a beat, Emma Claire says, "It's probably that guy's shorts! Look!" We all glanced over to where she was pointing and we see a dude wearing THESE bad boys:
Sorry for starring, sir, but my daughter says your shorts are on FIRE!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Home Brewed Smittle: Week 8. 32 to go

We're already in week 8. YIKES! Things seem to be going slowly because I've felt so terrible, but actually, looking back at week 4 it's zoomed by!

The biggest news since last week is that I body thinks it's time I don't fit into my regular clothes, so I'm now officially in that in between phase. Well, lets just face it. I've been in that phase for the last three years. Ha!

I've still been pretty sick. I've also had a summer cold, so that combined with baby sickness has me pretty tired and not eating a whole lot. I'm sure to get enough, but it's tough finding stuff I can eat.

Babycenter says that the baby "sprouted" fingers and toes this week. The phrase sprouted has me laughing as I picture the baby like a tomato plant or something "sprouting" new parts. Well, either way I'm praying that our sweet baby will have ten little fingers and ten little toes.
This week the baby is the size of a kidney bean.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Boys Just Want to Make TROUBLE

You know the saying, "Girls just want to have fun!"
I've decided the BOY version to that is, "Boys just want to make TROUBLE!"
Here are a few examples as of late:

This morning, I waited until the perfect time in the day to have a quick shower. I had all the kids playing happily upstairs with Lulu in charge. I was seriously in the shower for about 6 minutes. When I got out I heard glass clanging. I ran in to find Brubbs with his mouth STUFFED with candy. The good choice candy jar that I have up in the pantry had been raided by the boy and he'd eaten EVERY SINGLE piece. I couldn't believe it. The thought of him actually climbing up into the pantry, getting the jar, and eating the entirety of its contents makes me laugh out loud now, but then I was ready to skin his little sweet head.

A few days ago he decided he was hungry for eggs. He got the entire crate of eggs out of the fridge and brought them to me. I said, "Oh! Did you get one of the egg crates to play with from the art cabinet?" He said, "No, momma! I want EGGS!" WOWZAH! He did the same thing the next day. He was quickly disciplined, so I'm sure he won't do it again, but geez Louise, that boy was DETERMINED to eat some EGGS!

Tonight, like every Friday night the kids and I were having our pizza and a movie night. After we were finished eating, Bub decided to skip the movie and head upstairs to listen to music in the girls room. He does this a lot, so I didn't think twice about it. After a while I thought he might be asleep because he'd been up there a while. I went up to check and there I found he'd pulled out EVERY single diaper(probably about 115) and loaded them into the shopping cart and baby stroller. He was also SITTING on the girls dresser listening to music, but  squishing and throwing floral foam from the inside of a floral arrangement from the girls room ALL OVER THE PLACE! It was like green dust all over the window frame, dresser, floor, CD player and CDs, and of course him. I could not believe it! I simply walked over, undressed him, took him into the bathroom, and washed him off. I wanted to be angry and assume he KNEW that he shouldn't do it, but the look on his face when I saw him was just too much, so I said, "Hey, Bub. That stuff is not for playing with. It's to make flowers pretty. Don't touch it again." He said, "I sorry momma. I kiss you!" Yeah, kiss me boy...
He promptly put the diapers back away.
Don't get me wrong. I love this boy and all his sweetness AND orneriness. Let's just hope for a better day tomorrow, or at least for a little more energy for me!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile

  1. Cereal. Specifically, Cap'n Crunch. Right now there's not a whole lot I can eat, but this is one thing that always sounds goooood. 
  2. Our little pop-up pool. It's given us countless hours of fun in the sun.
  3. My bed.
  4. Mia. She's learning new things every day.
  5. Hulu and Netflix. They always give us something to do when we need a moment to dull our overthinking minds.
  6. Thinking about school next year. I do need to get to work, though...
  7. Thinking about the fact that a week from today we'll be taking our family to the circus for the first time ever.
  8. Thinking about Manly working in Conway. I think that deserves two or three points. YAY!

Does Everybody Know What Time It Is?

When I was a kid my parents used to watch Home Improvement. I'm sure most of you have seen it before too. You know that girl, at the beginning, that comes out and yells, "Does everybody know what TIME it is??" These days that phrase can be heard twice a year around this house. Once in late summer/early fall, and once in the spring, when it RHEA LANA'S SEASON!!

I have blogged about my love for children's clothing before, so you know that I LOVE consignment sales when it comes to buying clothes and other fun stuff for my kids.
This year I have big plans for getting some things for Manly's new office. Because he sees a lot of kids, I'll be looking for some fun things to keep kids busy. I always find lots of fun educational toys for my kids there, so I know I'm likely to hit the jackpot for TONS less money. I'm also going to be looking for some cute kids furniture. We've always had good luck looking for storage bins and cute kids furniture at Rhea Lana's
I still remember my first ever early shopping sale as a mommy-to-be. I was HUMONGO pregnant with KK, but determined to shop the sale! I got there early, stood in line, and when the doors opened I flew through and started shopping. My eye caught something in the corner, as I got closer I realized it was an amazing loft bed with both mattresses. We'd been looking at buying one for Olivia, but because of prices being over $1000, it just wasn't a possibility. When I saw that there was one almost exactly like the one we'd priced I ran over to see what the tag said. I actually screamed out loud when I saw that the tag read $200. Seriously?! I COULD NOT believe it. Want to know an even more amazing part? Several years later when we needed TWO sets of bunks for the girls room we were able to sell that SAME bed we bought for $200 for $500 and buy TWO sets with our earnings. Such a blessing!
I have also been personally blessed by Rhea Lana herself and the amazing RL family. For several seasons I worked as a manager for the sales. The rest staff and workers were always such an amazing support system for me. Calls, emails, and even meals when Mia was born were all such sweet blessings to me. If you are interested in working the sales, it's a GREAT way to meet other moms, and get the added bonus of shopping early. Each sale has a special section on the website to sign up to work a shift in the store, but there are lots of other ways to earn an early shopping pass as well. Just check the site for your local sale for more information. Either way, I would encourage moms to get involved as much as you can and get to know some of the fun staff and workers for the sales.
I know that Rhea Lana and her staff really care about giving the best for less, and they are committed to giving mom's the BEST experience possible while they shop the sale! Don't know if you have a sale close to you? Check the website. With sales in 20+ states, chances are there's a sale close. If not, you might chat with Rhea Lana about starting a franchise. She has a fantastic group of franchise owners throughout the US that hold successful sales from the beginning.
You for sure want to connect to Rhea Lana's via facebook. This is a great way to be sure that you'll be up on the latest news for sales near you and around the country. This is also the place where you'll get fun coupons, and early shopping passes. A lot of times they will even do a special treat for checking in on facebook while you're shopping, so be sure to "like" the sale!
With one of our local sales coming up next weekend, I better get off of here and start making my list! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More BIG News in our Smittle World!!

I shared several months ago that Scotty was going to be working as a private practice counselor. It was clear after he started that he LOVED it. He's done well, but working two jobs plus his professor job at night has been TOUGH on our family! SO, about two and a half weeks ago he gave his notice to his full-time job, and next Friday will be his last day there. He's loved his work at UAMS, and has helped countless families work through behavior problems with their kids.
Once he's completed his work with UAMS he will start a new chapter in private practice counseling, as he has been named Clinical Director and lead counselor over the BRAND NEW office located right in CONWAY!! He'll still be with the same established practice, but the new office will allow him to reach families in our surrounding areas, and will give him the opportunity to be a little closer to home. We are so delighted about what the future holds. We know that there will be tough times ahead, but we also feel confident that this is the right plan at the right time. Please pray that the transition will go smoothly, and God will bless Scotty as he earnestly seeks Him in his new career.
As always, if you know someone who is in need of services please direct them here.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Home Brewed Smittle: Week 7. 33 to go

So, I have officially felt AWFUL this last week. We're talking T E R R I B L E!! I haven't been able to eat much although I haven't actually been getting SICK, just feeling like I will be if I eat. Everything smells terrible. I'm so tired after I even stand up. I hate to list it all out as if to complain, but this is my pregnancy journal(and my blog for that matter), so I feel free to share without the fear of you all thinking that I got myself into this position and now I have to deal with it. Ha!
Anyway, I've found that sucking peppermints helps. It's a trick I picked up when I was pregnant with Olivia. I keep a few by my bed, and before I get up I just pop one in and start my day on the minty side of life!
The babies and I have also had a summer cold. While I think it's like Chinese water torture to make a pregnant woman sick, my body thought otherwise. I'm drinking lots of water, taking extra vitC and hoping and praying that it passes soon! The extra water has me in the bathroom more than usual, which has run me clean out of toilet paper! Seriously! I NEVER run out of toilet paper, but today I reached for the extra roll under the cabinet and alass, there was none. Wowzah. SO, it's baby wipes until I brave the store, which might not be a bad thing. I could buy softer tissue for my nose instead of using toilet paper...
On other baby related news, I finally got around to calling and setting up my appointment with my midwife! I won't be going until mid August. We really like to wait until we are able to hear the baby's heartbeat for our first visit, so we'll see Kim for our first time around 12 weeks or so. That's always such a sweet sweet moment for us. To hear that tiny little Smittle beating heart and connect in that moment for our soon and coming gift from God!
OK, so I know you're DYING to know what size the baby is this week. According to Babycenter our baby is the size of a blueberry! How fun! I also read that the baby now has tiny hands and feet forming from it's arms and legs. So amazing to read each week how this tiny baby is growing and forming!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Addi's Princess Party

It was hard when Addison told me she wanted a Disney princess party. I do my best to have fun themed parties, but she wanted EVERYTHING to be store bought. Usually I have the kids pick a theme and then I do all the decor and party favors.
Well, in true diva fashion Addi wanted to have a say in EVERYTHING that was part of her special day. Her style was really cramping mine, so this was our compromise. I totally downscaled this party. Partly because Addison kept flopping around with what she wanted and partly because I am newly pregnant and very tired. SO, know that this isn't a traditional Smittle party.
I decided to set up the food table in the school room this time since it opens up to the living room. I always feel so cramped with everyone smushed into the kitchen to sing Happy Birthday. This worked out much better. I did pretzel twists, pink dipped pretzel rods, strawberry milkshake whoppers, and cake. I was supposed to have a big fruit salad, but I totally forgot to go buy the FRUIT! HAHA!

The cake. Oh YES I DID make this cake all by myself! It isn't perfect, but turned out pretty cute! Tons of hard work, but I felt very Cake Boss. I actually even said, "SO. Who wants to eat some CAKE!" I made homemade butter cream icing. The cake is half devils food, half butter cake. I used royal icing for all the decor. The little cones are rolled in sugar crystals. Because I didn't want to work with a bajillion fondant flowers I just used sprinkle flowers. They worked like a charm.

The birthday banner(and Bubby's foot!)

A close up of the banner for details. I loved that silver polkadot paper. I used the pink swirly paper at Mia's cupcake party.
Addi wanted this game at her party from the moment she saw it at her sisters party last fall.
Scotty free-handed this sweet little frog and I made kissy lips to pin on. The girls think it's hysterical.

Fairy Godmother Magic wands as party favors. Addi asked for these too. The little tags said, "Thanks for making my day magical. Love Addison"

Addi also requested this sign. You've seen this and the next from The storybook party as well.

The girls weren't interested in wearing their princess dress-up clothes, so I decided to hang them from twine on the staircase. They looked really cute.

This is my regular party wreath that I switch out with different decor for parties. I had this little castle I'd bought for something else a few months ago, so I just put it on there.

The kids table. The princess tablecloth makes me cringe, but it was an Addi special request.

My birthday princess looking extra cute with her princess sash from Disney World.

Sweet Addi with her cake. She was in charge of colors and how she wanted it to look. She told me it was the most beautiful cake she'd ever imagine! Sweet baby girl!

Addi playing the game. She totally cheated!

Here are a few pictures of her actual birthday.
Daddy bringing her breakfast in bed. She asked for special cereal(we usually only have plain cheerios and bran flakes), so we got her cookie crisp. It was a big hit.

Scotty always plans to be home long enough to bring the kids breakfast in bed. So sweet. He also always makes a handmade card for them with things they've done throughout the year.

Addi blowing out her cereal candle. Ha! It took a little work to make that happen!

Her first "legal" gum. We have been telling her when she turned four she could have gum. We'll see how long this lasts. I'm NOT about to cut it out of her beautiful hair.

Addi's only request was that she get her ears pierced. She was REALLY excited until she saw them come at her with GUNS! She never flinched and did really great. They look so cute on her.

Our family on the fourth.

My pretty babies on the fourth!