Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Naptime FAIL!

I've been mentioning lately that we've had some issues with Bubby going to sleep. I have no idea why he's having such issues with sleep. He wakes up really early, and was getting up several times after we'd put him in bed. We tried everything, and I mean everything that we could think of, and just couldn't figure out how to get the boy to stay in bed.
FINALLY, we decided it might help to put one of the girls in the room with him. Trying to decide which child was a chore, but we finally settled on KK. She's pretty easy going, and gets along really well with Bubby.  She was DELIGHTED to get her own bed(her bunk bed taken off the top). It's helped out a LOT with bedtime and Bubby isn't getting up anymore, which is great.
Naptime is usually really smooth. Everyone goes to bed on their own and sleeps quickly. The last few days, however, Bubby has started getting up at naptime. Of course. See, I put all the kids in different rooms at naptime to get the most out of naptime. Several of the older kids only take a short nap, so removing them from the younger kids allows the younger ones to sleep longer and gives the older ones a chance to read or play quietly after they wake up.
SO, fastforward to today. I put all the kids down, and pretty quickly after I had come downstairs Isaiah was up and getting into the bathroom. I disciplined him and put him back in bed. About 10 minutes later I heard Addison(who was in bed in her room) yell out, "MOM! I think Isaiah is going to get in trouble for what he is doing! You need to come. NOW!"
This is what I found.
One of the strangest hardest to clean messes EVER! 

I ran to get my camera so that I wouldn't lash out at Bubby. This is what he looked like when I got back in the room. He said, "So sorry momma." in a quiet voice.

I cleaned him up as best I could, took off his wet clothes, put clean ones on him, and put him on his bed while I went to work trying to clean up this CRAZY mess!

This is the wall. It was stained all the way up to my shoulders on the walls on both sides of the toilet.

The rug is stained pretty badly. It might come out with a good washing. We'll soon see. It's in the washer along with about 100 other things that were wet or stained.

These pictures don't do this mess justice. We're talking EVERYTHING in the bathroom was dirty! What is it you ask? My darling son had gotten the bath tabs that we will from time to time put in the bath water to change the color and put all of them into the toilet, then used anything he could find to fish the water out into the floor and the walls.

This is all the water that was left in the toilet. The trash can had about 2 inches of water in it too.

This is the toilet paper after I'd already torn off quite a bit to wipe his face.

After about 30 minutes of cleaning I got most of it cleaned. The toilet is still stained, but I can't stand to use harsh chemicals while I'm pregnant, so Scotty will have to go back in and clean it with bleach or something else later. The stuff I had wasn't touching it!

This is him once I got finished cleaning. He was sound asleep...
Don't worry, that hair dryer isn't plugged in! All the outlets in the bathroom are covered and out of his reach, and he's perfectly safe! While I went to get the camera, I called Olivia up to stay with him to ensure his safety.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Chenal Family Therapy-Conway Now OPEN!

I keep meaning to share these pictures of Scotty's new office.
It's looking really good. We still have some things to hang on the walls, and I'd like to get a little console table and lamps for the waiting room, but overall it looks great.
This was right after we'd started moving in furniture. I'm so so proud of the great job he's done.

This is a view of the waiting room. It's not a great shot, but you can at least see the kids area, and most of the rest of the waiting room.

This is a little sitting area inside his actual office. I love these chairs we got at overstock.

This is the other side of the office. I'd like to get a few more pillows for the couch, but I've been just a little busy with the rest of my life. I got the floor lamp at goodwill, repainted it, got a new shade on clearance, and it turned out SO nice. We found the pretty desk on craigslist. He now has an office chair instead of a waiting room chair. I got the desk lamp at goodwill too! It had a giant razorback sticker on it! I used alcohol and rubbed it off and now it's a really nice lamp. That's a minifridge by the desk for refreshments.

Because Scotty sees so many kids we sat up this kids area for them.

I guess that's it. Scotty took these pictures, so there are a lot of details that I wish he'd gotten, but maybe I'll go back and take a few more after we are completely finished...
As always, if you'd like more information about how to get in touch with Scotty for an appointment just click here and scroll down to the Conway location.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Home Brewed Smittle Week 13. 27 to go.

Well, I went to my sweet midwife for the first time this week. It was good to get to see her again and GREAT to hear the heartbeat of our sweet little baby. I measured a little big(as I have with the other kids). Kim assures me it's likely there is only ONE baby in there, despite all the people that keep wishing TWINS on me! SHAME ON YOU!!!
At my first appointment Kim went over the way she does things and gave me paperwork(medical history, informed consent, payment information) to fill out. She also gave me tons of information about homebirth that I've never seen before, so we're reading through those things now. After all of that I did the normal pregnancy visit pee in the cup and weigh-in. We won't discuss those things, because that's TMI. After that Kim listened to the baby and measured my belly. We scheduled our next visit, and she sent me home with lots of borrowed materials to read and watch. It was a nice visit, and I'm excited about the pregnancy with her assisting me.
I'm going on Saturday to get a sneak peek at the baby. Rhea Lana's is partnering with Sneak A Peek ultrasound to do gender scan ultrasounds as well as 3D and 4D ultrasounds. They are offering this at such a low price that I just couldn't pass it up! SO, next Saturday I'll get to see the baby for the first time. It's unlikely that we'll be able to tell if the baby is a boy or a girl, but at least we'll know for sure how many are in there! Ha!
Babycenter says the baby is the size of a medium shrimp, which totally grosses me out. I loved shrimp before I got pregnant. Maybe I'll like it again some day! In other news, the baby now has fingerprints in case it gets it's self into any trouble it will be easily IDed. Also, if the baby is a girl she now has 2 million eggs in her ovaries. That's a lot. If she's anything like me, she'll be FERTILE! HA!
Although I'm so glad to finally be feeling better, I'm a little sad for my first trimester to be over. Since this is my last pregnancy, this is the last time I'll experience this. While I'm excited about our next stage of life, the thought of this one coming to a close is a little sad. I'm reminded to soak up every day and love each moment...
SO, I want to hear gender guesses. BOY or GIRL?
ALSO, lets hear name ideas for boys and girls. Remember first names should start with a vowel.
I'd be lying if I said we weren't hoping for a boy. Honestly, I've been praying for a boy before we even found out we were pregnant. I long for a brother for Isaiah. I know that either way, our family will be complete and we'll be happy with a girl just as much as a boy, but we are really longing and praying for a brother companion for Bubby. My favorite names right now are Asher and Eli with the middle name Paul(Manly's grandfather's name) for a boy and Anna Grace for a girl. Other names I keep going back to(in no particular order) are Adele,Elisabeth, Aubrey, Owen, and any name that would allow me to call a girl Lainey(LOVE that name). 
OKOK, I've got to get off of here. Peace out, peeps.
For those of you wondering...
Gag gag gag. Let's hope there aren't THREE little shrimps in there, although it could even out the numbers, I guess! HA!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pre-Sale Preview

It's true. I'm addicted to Rhea Lana's pre-sales. I could go and shop even if I didn't have any money or anything to buy. I just love the atmosphere. It's like Black Friday only better and the people are MUCH nicer. Ha!
I got up bright and early this morning to get ready for the sale. My shop time was at 8. I just love to work a little extra to get to shop earlier. The deals are sweeter and the crowd is so much easier to deal with. I arrived around 7:40 and got in line.
Look at all those "super mom's."

My sweet pregnant friend Raven. She shops for three kiddos(and one on the way).

Andrea is one of the MOPS(Manager of Operations). That just means she can answer any question you have. She also obviously likes to dance and sing as seen in this picture! Ha!

Everyone coming into the sale and getting started!

Look at all the TOYS!

When you check out there is a tag puller that will pull off all the tags and count all your items and then a cashier that will enter all the tags into the system and give you your total. This is all of my stuff from my trip today. I hit the JACKPOT on costumes and games today.
When I get home I usually like to be able to lay out all my stuff for the kids like you would on Christmas morning. For my kids, RL season is even BETTER than Christmas! This morning, the kids were all waiting at the door for me to get home, so it was pretty crazy bringing my 42 items into the house and them finding all their goodies.
This is only part of the MESS that was my living room after the kids got into the bags of goodies.

Why yes, that is my youngest daughter dressed as a peacock! Ha! It was my favorite purchase of the morning!
I mean, seriously?

Are you kidding me?
Could this be any cuter? She LOVES it! I had a hard time taking it off of her! Want to know the price? You won't believe it! Only $5.50!! Seriously! She's going to be the single cutest peacock on the planet!
Bubby watches for the trash truck every Monday and Wednesday! He'll get up and say, "Today's a TRUCK DAY!" I was delighted to find him this cute trash truck with a dumpster for only $4.00!

Obviously, he doesn't like firetrucks! Ha! $3.00! It has sounds and moving ladders and lights. He said "Thanks MOM! Dis is COOOOL!"
I wish I'd gotten a better picture of this ADORABLE costume! It's a cupcake! I found THREE matching ones in the little girls sizes! Can you BELIEVE it! THREE matching costumes in the SAME SALE! Each of them was $8.
If you've read my blog for long, you know that my KK LOVES pirates! I found her an entire set for $6.00. It even has boots! This is her pirate face. I'm a little scared! Ha!
While Bubby was busy playing with his new trucks the girls were trying on his new costumes! I HAD to get him some boy dress-up stuff because he always ends up in a princess dress every time the kids play dress-up because he doesn't have any boy stuff! Is Addi tough or what? I don't know why her face looks chubby, there isn't an OUCE of chubb on this girl! She's so tiny! This set has a mask. I got it for $5.
Olivia was the only child that needed any clothes. I got her ALL of this for $34!
Includes a 2-piece set, 2 shirts, a dress, a pullover, a holiday shirt, and 2 pair of new jeans.
I told you in my last RL post about how I liked to get coats at the sales. These coats were, wait for it.....$15 TOTAL. That's right, I got a reversible thick coat for Olivia, a really nice dress coat for her, and the CUTEST little coat for Mia all for $15! What a blessing!
All the shoes I bought. The front two are for Bubby, the back two are for Olivia, and the middle boots are for Addi. Lucky KK didn't need any because Olivia just outgrew all of her shoes from last season and they all fit KK. I paid $11 for the two pair of Olivia's. I got Bubby's for $11 also, and that includes this pair of Kenneth Cols shoes.
Aren't they cute!?

A close up of the cupcakes! Seriously, SO cute! Yes, that's a statue of liberty costume too! $6. The kids LOVE it! Ha!

All of Bubby's costumes. Woody with hat $5. Batman with mask $4. Knight $4. Spiderman $5. You can also see a better look at KK's pirate costume. $6.
Better than Christmas! Ha!
I can't leave a sale without shopping for MYSELF! Here are my finds! $7.50 for the navy dress, $5 for the blue one, and $6 for the sweater.
All the toys/games/DVDs

American Girl mini books for Olivia. She LOVES reading these things. $5.
Fisher Price car mirror $3. This was NEW in the box!

I've been wanting one of these for a long time. The kids love to play, but the tiny checkers are a hazard around here. I got this set for $6.

This might be my BEST buy. I got all these puzzles for $6! That's $2 each! They retail for $10 each!! That's a savings of $24!

These cards will be good for Bubby to play with while I do school with the big kids. They were $3.

I love getting DVDs at the sales. I can usually save a TON of money and I've never had a problem with them working. I got each of these for $4. The kids won't be watching ET anytime soon, but I used to LOVE it, so I mostly bought it for me to watch after they are in bed. Ha!

This picture doesn't do this thing justice. It's HUGE! It has all sorts of learning games. I bought it for the little kids to play with while I'm doing school with the big kids. I paid $6.50 for it! It's musical and so much fun!
SO, if you are keeping count, that's right at $200 that I spent today. AND, so far today(this is only a FEW hours into the PRE-SALE) I've already MADE over $160! I expect to make well over $200 before the sale is over. Such a blessing for my family! Thanks Rhea Lana's!