Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Invisible Blogger

I know. I stink at blogging these days. Just no time for it, I guess.

I'm almost 23 weeks.


A picture to prove it.

My book club is currently reading through "The New Eve." I'm still forming an opinion on how I really feel about what I'm reading. Some of it is amazing. Some of it is making me think. Some of it makes me a little sad. Hmm...

My grandfather, my dad's dad, isn't doing well. He's been having treatments for lung cancer for the past several months and on Sunday evening passed out from lack of oxygen and was taken to the hospital. They think he's got pneumonia. They had to put him on a ventilator yesterday and aren't sure of his chances to come off. Things are looking pretty grey, so we are just asking for God's will and acceptance. I'm also praying for his salvation. We aren't 100% sure of what he believes. We know he BELIEVES in God, we just aren't sure he's accepted Jesus as his savior. Please join me as we pray. We also know that God can choose to heal him.

Scotty and I took a much needed mini vay-cay this past week. We drove up to NW AR for a concert and a night in a cool hotel with a nice dinner and dessert to top it all off. We really liked the hotel. It was a little strange to see so many corporate people there since we went in the middle of the week. I can't imagine living that life of hotels, not knowing people in the town your staying, eating out. It's all a special treat to me, but thinking about it as a full-time job is weird for me. Anyway, we had a wonderful time and the girls seemed to do great while we were gone thanks to some good friends who kept them busy.

Speaking of busy. I need to be getting dinner ready to go in the oven....later.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sick=No Post

I'm not feeling well. My doctor called in a z-pack this morning, so I should feel better soon. My allergies/sinuses have been backed up and feeling terrible for two weeks now. Anyway, I have a lot to share, but need to get school going while Addison is asleep and I need to get packed for an upcoming trip Scotty and I are taking for our anniversary(more details later).
I'm 22 weeks today. I keep thinking I'm 23 for some reason, but nope, 22. I can't believe I'm over halfway! I can't wait to meet our baby boy!! I've been trying to imagine what a baby BOY will look like since all we've had is girls, but I keep drawing a blank. I'm kind of hoping he'll either have RED hair like his daddy or dark hair like me.
Anyway, Gotta go.