Monday, June 7, 2010

Finito Mussolini

For some reason I like saying Benito Mussolini's name. I'm not sure why, but I do. Several years ago I started saying "finito mussolini" when I had finished something. You know, like when you finish something you've been working on and you're excited and you say, "FINISHED" or "THAT'S DONE" or "FINALLY." Well, that's when I say, "FINITO MUSSOLINI." I probably just lost cool points. Ehh, what do I care. I'm pretty sure there are only a handful of people who still read this blog anyway. What am I going to loose, popularity?!=) Do you ever feel like something isn't finished yet? The whole "He's still working on me,to make me what I oughta be." mentality? I am feeling that way about some things in my life right now and it's hard because I'd like to be done with some things that really just still feel up in the air. I know I'm being vague. It's on purpose because I'm not ready to air it all out just yet. I'm just feeling like I need to get some initial thoughts out before I explode.
I wish there was a table of contents with our lives. It'd be like a preview of things to come. Not details, but little snipits of things that will happen. You know, there'd be a chapter on being born, being a kid, a teenager, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an empty nester. Whatever your life was going to include, there'd be a chapter on it. I know this leaves no room for the imagination, but for us planners/control freak(of nature) people it'd make things a WHOLE lot easier. I just feel like if I knew what was around the corner in my life I'd feel so much more at ease.
It's not a faith thing. I trust that God has a plan for my life and that I am His child and in His hand. I'm protected. He has a plan for my future. He already told me that. It's not about that. It's just that I have some decisions to make that involve a LOT and I just don't have a clear answer as to what I should do.
Anyway, I'm ready for my finito mussolini moment. It's just not here yet.
For now, I need to go live out this chapter: "Little Smittles Rest: The true Life Story of a Woman and a Shower"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You can thank me Later...

So, look in your fridge. Leftovers? Yes? Then try this.
  • Grease a muffin pan.
  • Open a can of biscuits or any kind of canned bread. I just use the cheap-oh canned biscuits, though.
  • Preheat oven to whatever your biscuit can says to heat oven to.
  • Place the biscuits in the muffin pan and push them down so that they come up on the sides of the muffin holes.
  • Put leftovers on top of biscuits. I mean, anything will work!
  • Follow baking on biscuit can.
  • ENJOY! 
We've done:
Ham and mashed potatoes
Chicken and mashed potatoes
Chicken, bacon, and cheese
You can do:
Spaghetti, meat sauce, and a little garlic on the biscuit
Chicken and rice or any sort of casserole.

Seriously, you don't want to pass this EASY and YUMMY recipe by. Try it tonight for an EASY different dinner. You can thank me later...