Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cat Soup

If you know me, you know I'm not a fan of cats. They not only creep me out, but make my nose itch to no end, and I hate them clawing my legs and arms for fun. SO, this post is NOT about cats...Manly recently told the kids a wacky story. He had us all laughing hysterically about these silly cats that really loved this tomato based soup their owner made one evening. Because the man loved his cats he decided to start making it for them every day. He decided to call it cat soup because it was soup the cats loved. One day some friends came over to visit and saw his cats eating their "cat soup" and asked about it. The man told them it was their cat soup, and they took some home to feed their cats. Long story short. All the friends started wanting the cat soup, but they mispronounced the words cat soup. Suddenly everyone was asking for catsup. The next thing you know they were putting it on their dogs... All of that to say, this post was supposed to be a "CATCH up" post. Ha! Eh...

So, Manly and I recently celebrated ten years of wedded bliss by leaving the kids with Aunt Steph and loading up and heading to Dallas. We had an amazing time and I was able to shop until I dropped. Then we'd eat and shop some more. I got to visit IKEA for the first time, and needless to say, I'm hooked! We bought SO much stuff! Including this couch and light fixtures...
This one is in my dining room. It will soon hang over the farm table my man is making me! YaY!

This one hangs in our entryway. I know it looks wild, but I love it and the polkadots it makes on the walls around it!!!

This is big green. I have since bough new pillows and a BEAUTIFUL Pottery Barn rug.

This is how STUFFED the car was on the way back! Ha! I was still trying to stuff things in the NEXT DAY!!

Yes, we drove FIVE hours with this giant box on the top of the car!

Dorky photo booth at the rest stop. Manly MADE me stop and take a picture! SO embarrassing!

After seven straight months of Eli being sick, we were finally given some answers when we found out Monday that he has low levels of IgA. Basically this just means that his little immune system can't fight off illnesses as well as the child with normal levels of IgA. We will soon meet with an immunologist to discuss if there is anything we can do to help him or if he needs further testing. For now, we'll try to keep him as healthy as possible by avoiding places high in germs(like EVERWHERE! HA!) If you'd like, you can pray with us that, like normal cases, this is something he outgrows and won't suffer with forever.

The girls are completing their first ever standardized testing. KK actually finished hers last week, and Olivia will complete hers tomorrow. They seem to think they've done well, and were only nervous of the unknown. After the first day they were both really thinking it was easier than everyone was making it out to be.

Manly continues to be really nice and busy at work. Thanks so much for liking his clinic facebook page and telling your friends! We know you are, because we're getting a lot of word of mouth clients lately. That means so much to both of us! If you are looking for a great therapist feel free to let him know! If he can't help you he has other therapists he can get you connected with. He's thriving in his job, and I'm SO proud!

I found out yesterday that I need to choose between doing an ablation or a hysterectomy. We knew we were close to this decision, but it's still hard to make. I've decided to go with the ablation. It's going to be coming very soon. Bye-bye baby having days. Hello feeling better soon!! I would LOVE your prayers in this area. I've felt REALLY really really bad the last year now, and I've tried EVERYHING else there is to do. We feel confident with our doctor, and our decision. I look forward to healthier days. I'm happy to talk with any of you in more detail privately, but for the sake of my 2 poor male readers I'll leave it at that! Ha! (You're Welcome!)

Our house is really coming together. This is the biggest reason I've been MIA! I've had so many projects and tasks to do! I'll post pictures soon. We're close to that stage, but for now, I'll just tell you it's looking Bohofabulous!

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  1. SO! glad you finally got to partake of the bliss that is Ikea! We love that place. Also glad to know you will soon be feeling well.